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Dream Big 137 Special Announcement

For the past few months I have been sharing my publishing journey with all of you, and today I am sharing some really exciting news. On September third of this year I am celebrating a big dream I have had for so many years that is finally coming true, my debut novel is being released. As it is a time of celebration I will be having a party to commemorate such a monumental occasion at The Open Chord in Knoxville, TN. As you all may know that I am not one in sharing all of the glory alone, and this would not have been made possible without two of the best people that I am so honored to know and call my friends, my fellow writer, and wonderful publisher Stephen Zimmer, and holistic healer/editor Holly Phillippe of Seventh Star Press. I am so grateful to you both for believing in my words, thank you so much; you truly have made all of my dreams come true. I also want to thank all of the incredibly talented individuals who have agreed to come together to help me celebrate my special day. Some of these wonderful people you may know personally, or have seen their performances, and you may have even seen a few of them on an episode of my show Dream Big. Please let me introduce the fabulous performers who will be gracing the stage. Kris Bell is one of Knoxville’s top comedians, he will be the host of the show, and will also be introducing each guest to the stage. Gage and Ashley Sharp is a musical duo performing covers of all the greatest hit songs from the past to the present. Doug The Juggler is more than what his name says he is, as he is also a comical guy who throws in jokes into whatever he is tossing in the air. The Knox By Night Band is an acoustic two man musical group who’s original songs you’ll be sure to have playing over in your head long after they leave the stage. Lance Adams is a local comedian who moonlights as the creator and host of Deadbeat Radio. Danny Whitson is a magician who’s acts aren’t just simple tricks, the real treat is how he pulls comedy out of his hat from all that magic he has hidden up his sleeves. Micheal Bates is an acoustic performer who will be joined on stage by Kris Bell as they become the dynamic duo The Handsome Night Lobsters. Brattie Von Beverhousen is a burlesque entertainer who has graced all the best stages in town, and I am so honored that she will be performing for us. Ivy Aphrodyte is also a creative burlesque entertainer showcasing her unique talents on our stage as well. Raven Von Roe is a legendary burlesque performer, and I am so excited to finally see her show. Clockwork Asylum will be the headlining entertainment, they are by far one of my favorite bands in town, and if you haven’t heard of them before then you won’t want to miss them rocking the stage. I am also honored to have Vincent Tescione join us to do tarot card and palm readings for us. This event could not have been made possible without all of these wonderfully talented artists, and I want thank you all of you for making this night possible. I also want to thank The Open Chord, (the place that Dream Big calls home), for hosting the party. The party doesn’t just have a plethora of entertainment, there will also be a raffle of wonderful items from our sponsors, and our guest performers as well. I want to thank all of our sponsors, The Mystic Orb, Nature’s Crossing Health and Beauty, Jefferson Barbershop, The Hemp Alternative, The Other One, Taylor Shea Photography, Outlander Media Network, Shear Vibe Salon, Mythical Markings Tattoo Studio, August Aguilar of El Burrito Blog and Strange Films, Matthew Atchley Celebrity Comic Artist, The Black Cat, The Oneida Zombie Fest, and Jessica Klaaren Jewelry for donating such wonderful items for our raffle. I will also be placing a few items in the raffle as well, but you won’t get to find out what they are until September third at the party. The celebration will begin at six pm and will go until around eleven pm, so save this very important date, you don’t want to miss the party of the year. I also want to give a personal thank you to Les Murphy for helping me plan my event, and be my co-captain on this crazy venture to have a non-traditional book release party. Thank you for putting up with my crazy ideas, and agreeing to be my manager when I go on tour. I couldn’t do this without my bestie. After nearly nine years of trying to get my book published it is finally going to happen. I had almost given up so many times, but I felt deep in my heart that I couldn’t let myself quit, and if it weren’t for friends and family to help keep me motivated I may have. I am here to tell you that if you are a creative, are passionate about what you are doing, never doubt yourself, never give up, and always dream big.

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