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Dream Big 127

I have been working diligently these past few weeks on all of my goals, everything from acting, to modeling, and on my book. I have been more active in making sure my headshots are up to date, and have finally acquired a demo reel; thanks to my good friend who is always helping me out when I need it the most. Thank you, Will. I have also been actively pursuing modeling once again, and have posted way more images on social media than I ever before in hopes of getting some paid work. And finally my book is ready to start pitching to agents, with the hopes that I will spark interest, and then set the publishing industry on fire with my work. Ok, so I may have been a little overzealous on that last part. But hey, a girl can dream right? The only thing I have yet to work on is the next season of Dream Big.

As you all know Dream Big has been on a long holiday break. It is mainly so the show’s producer, and I can get caught up on other projects we are working on. I have made my initial guest list, and I have the shows new format planned out for the most part, but it is all still a work in progress. Changes to anything that you do takes time and planning; we are simply going to make sure that this season is the one that everyone will want to watch. It would be fantastic if we were able to get a few sponsors, or donations for this season so we can make it extra special for all of you out there watching, but also for our guests as well. I am certain that this season will be the one to end all seasons. Stay tuned, and you’ll see what I mean.

As far as all the other things that I have stirring in the pot right now, I am simply keeping it on a low simmer until it starts to bubble up. I feel quite enthusiastic about getting back into modeling, I have missed being a part of others creative ideas. Although, currently I have never stopped working with the best; I never intend to because he is the reason I have gotten this far, and I couldn’t have done it without him. Thank you, Bob. As far as working as a model I am hoping I will be able to book modeling jobs, or at least enough to help with some of the things that have broken down in my house. I honestly couldn’t think of a more rewarding part-time job with flexible hours, and tons of creativity to boot. As an actress, it does help to have some kind of part-time work in between acting gigs, and I definitely need flexibility with all the things that I am working on. I am hoping now that I finally have a demo reel I will get booked on more movies, or television shows. It isn’t an easy task, but I have a wonderful agency that I’m signed with, and they are amazing. Thank you, Talent Trek. With acting, and modeling set into motion, the most difficult goal I believe to attain will be my book getting published. Although, getting a literary agent will be the most challenging. I enjoy a good challenge, and for the first time I am confident that I will find one who is the right fit for my manuscript. Until then, I will simply press on until I do.

Allow your challenges to become your motivation, and always dream big.

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