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Dream Big 140 Special Announcement (A new addition to our famiglia.)

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a great change occurs. It could be one of many different things like, getting married, having children, losing a friend or loved one, or we welcome a new friend to our circle making them family. Today, I am so pleased to share that the time for our Dream Big family to grow has come... The Dream Big show has been on a sabbatical after the release of Season 4 back in February, due to my debut novel coming out, but now it is time to start planning the next new season. Over the past year we have lost a few members of our Dream Team; today being the anniversary of losing our good friend Taylor Johnson the day after we had finished filming the Season 4 Finale. He was a very special part of the team, and my mentor. I have tried to follow the path that he envisioned the direction of the show to go in, and I think that he would have been quite pleased that I have kept my word to him. I had told him from the beginning that I would listen to what he had to say, and any and all advice that he had to give. After he had left our world, I made a promise to him that I would never quit making Dream Big, and that I would continue putting the heart of the show first, no matter what happened. Over time the show has made a few changes, slight makeovers if you will, in order to make the show more fun and entertaining, without compromising the inspiration behind it. And in keeping true with the tradition that I have led in bringing something new to each season, helping it to become better, it is now time for yet another evolution... Like the caterpillar that becomes the butterfly, Dream Big is emerging from its cocoon for Season 5 with yet another metamorphosis. And like anything that changes in life, it is never done alone...

My Dream Big family may have gone through some changes, some good, and some bad, but this next change to our family is that of welcoming a new addition to the Dream Team. Although, this is not just any addition, this is a merger between another family, a marriage so to speak, to combine two great families into one major household, (or in this case a major network). Please welcome this union between Dream Big and the well established family at Outlander Media Network. They are home to several podcasts such as Scared Stupid, High AF Lander, DLC: Respawn, Modern Day Gladiators, Geeks Inherit The Earth, Deadbeat Radio, and have a partnership with Lionsgate films. Be sure to check out all of their super fun podcasts filled with epic interviews, and crazy antics. Outlander Media Network is also home to Snow Global Productions, and their short film “Inside Out”, available to watch now on Amazon Prime, and will be introducing “Night Demons”, the new Audio Drama/Animated series coming soon. I am so excited to be a part of this great network family. I can not wait to start working with them on these upcoming media adventures such as Season 5 of Dream Big, and introduce to you our podcast Dream Big Radio where we will be going where our show has never gone before. Dream Big Season 1 through 4 will also be available to watch on Amazon Prime very soon, stay tuned for those release dates, and when we launch the premier of Dream Big Radio, a podcast filled with inspirational stories, and talented guests. I want to personally thank Terry Snow, and his great team for blessing us with such a wonderful new place for our Dream Big family to call home. Thank you.

I hope that our late friend, colleague, and mentor Taylor Johnson is looking down at us from Valhalla with a proud smile on his face. I definitely feel that he would have been quite pleased. Taylor, this new journey for Dream Big will be forever in your honor, thank you for all that you did for the show, and being a great continuous inspiration to me. Blessed Be. I want to thank our friends, fans, for always supporting the show, and for being a part of my personal inspiration to never give up. And I also want to thank all of the original Dream Big family for all that you had brought to the show, you will always be in our hearts, and wish you the brightest of futures as you move on to fulfill your own dreams. Love and light to you always. Sometimes the saddest of endings have the most wonderful of beginnings. It is never too late to make the changes necessary to grow and emerge into something even more beautiful. Be like the caterpillar, who became the butterfly, and always, dream big...

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