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Rose Marie Actress

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Rose Marie Machario has dreamt of being an actress since she was a child, but it wasn't until she reached her adult years that the dream had become a reality. Her method acting comes as natural to her as does all her many talents, and she takes those skills to the next level on any project she works on. Her heart may live in old Hollywood, but she is taking on the modern acting world with style and grace. 

Represented by the Talent Trek Agency
(865) 977-8735



Whitener Entertainment Group: The Last Movie Star-Formally Dog Years-Played as a Film Festival Attendee. 

MarVista Entertainment: Road Less Traveled-Played a Bar Patron, also worked as a stand-in for main character. 

LFM Productions, LLC.: The Last Full Measure-Played as a Bar Patron. 

S&K Pictures, INC.: TAG-Played as a Hairdresser. 

Stray Dog Productions: Country Music-Played as a Station Inn patron, also worked as a stand-in. 

Future/Joel Silver Producers: Super Fly 2018-Played as a Biker


Indie Film:

Machario Productions/LesThan Productions: An Affair To Remember-Played as Sophia Fedor, Give My Love To Rose-Played as Rose.

RoseMarieStudios: Vote- Played as Alice, Crossword- Played as Scarlett, Duplicitous-Played as Dr. Valer. 



Jupiter Entertainment:Snapped: Killer Couples, Season 7 Episode 5-Played as Airport Passenger. - Season 7 Episode 9- Played as a Bar Patron. Season 9 Episode 1-Played the Bartender, Season 9 Episode 7-Played as Exotic Dancer. 

Justice By Any Means, Season 1 Episode 11- Played Feature as a Nosy Neighbor. Season 2 Episode 4-Played Feature as a Psychic. Season 2 Episode 7-Played as an Activist. 

Snapped, Season 20 Episode Williamson Case-Played Feature as Betty Olson, the killers best friend. Season 24 Episode 19-Played Featured as BBQ Lesbian/Nightclub scene. 

Homicide Hunter, Season 6 Episode 7-Played as a Tattooed Party Goer.  Season 7 Episode 20-Played Principle role as a Psychic. 

Murder Chose Me, Season 1 Episode 5-Played Principle as a Witness. 

#Murder, Season 1Episode 8- Played Principle role as a Resident. 

Fatal Attraction, Season 6 Episode 18-Played as a CSI. 

Notorious, Season 2 Episode 1-Played as a Biker. 

Murder Decoded, Season 3 Episode 4-Played Principle role of the Landlord. 

Murder Mystery, Season 3 Episode 3-Played Principle as a Nieghbor. 

Mark of a Killer, Season 2 Episode 2-Played Feature as a Stripper. 

Lucid Media: Murder Comes to Town, Season 5 Episode 7-Played Principle as the Gas Station Clerk.

American Nightmare, Season 1 Episode 4-Played Principle role as the Bartender. 

Music City Productions: Nashville, Season 6 Episode 12-Played as a Blue Bird Café Patron. 

Bonanza Production, My So-Called Company, Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television, CBS Television Studios:

The Originals, Season 3 Episode 17- Played as a pedestrian. Episode 18- Played as a Nola Jazz Fest Attendee. Episode 19-Played as a tarot card reader. Episode 22- Played as a vampire sired by Klaus. 

Netflix: Ozark, Season 2 Episode 8-Played Feature as Drug Processor. 

Personal Information:  
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown 
Height 5'1
Weight 140
Bust 38
Waist 26
Hips 36
Bra 34 DD
Top M/L
Pants 8/10
Dress 8/10
Shoe 7

Special Skills: 
PinUp/Alternative Model
Substitute Teacher

Customer Relations

RoseMarieMachario's    Demo Reel
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