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Dream Big 141Special Edition (Dreams Do Come True)




  1. a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill."to reach this stage is a great achievement"


the process or fact of achieving something.

"the achievement of professional recognition"




  1. identification of someone or something or person from previous encounters or knowledge."she saw him pass by without a sign of recognition"


acknowledgment of something's existence, validity, or legality.

"the unions must receive proper recognition"




  1. the action of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something."the technique requires validation in controlled trials"

  • the action of making or declaring something legally or officially acceptable."new courses, subject to validation, include an MSc in Urban Forestry.”

  • recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile."they have exaggerated needs for acceptance and validation"

The three definitions above hold great meaning for many who are striving to make their dreams come true. I have spent what has felt like a lifetime doing that very thing. I am still working hard every day to make to make my dreams come true. Although some of them have already come true, but the work doesn’t end once they do. This is a constant work in progress...

My greatest achievement has been my debut novel The Amulet of Elements. I spent almost nine years trying to get this manuscript published; finally the hard work, tears, and moments that I had wanted to give up were in the past. I have never been more proud of myself that I never gave up on my dream of becoming a published author. Even if no one else was proud of me, I was. I have finally gotten the recognition that I wanted not only for myself, but among my peers as well. I had never before felt more validation than I did when I attended the Imaginarium Convention, novel in hand, and was among other creatives like myself; it was the most incredible feeling ever. The convention itself was incredible. I had such an amazing time meeting my new author brothers and sisters within the Seventh Star Press family, and for the first time being able to proudly sit among them as their newly published sister of the written word. I also enjoyed networking among all of the other publishing houses and their authors that were in attendance, as well as the other creatives, and performance artisans. The convention as a whole was filled with so much magical energy within that you couldn’t help yourself but to collaborate with the other creatives. To be with others of like mind is something words alone are not enough to explain, all that I can say for certain that within the Imaginarium, magic takes over, and this incredible euphoria is all that remains when you leave. It is definitely a feeling that stays with you for a long time, as well as the inspiration that came from meeting with all the creatives, whether you met on one of the learning panels, or simply from within the great room where we were all placed with care. Holly Phillippe, and Stephen Zimmer are absolute geniuses for creating this wonderful place where we can all call the Imaginarium home. It was amazing, thank you.

Although achievements can come in many different ways, or sizes. Some may be big, because they have taken so long to achieve that it is a really big deal when it finally happens. Others may indeed be smaller, because they may have not taken as long to achieve. I myself could claim several smaller things that I have accomplished over the years. The small claims to “I never did ____ before, but I finally did it”, or “I have never tried ____ this, but I made it happen”, and I was surprised by it. Those small achievements are just as much important as the big ones are. The recognition for making the small things happen is an incredible feeling too. When I when back into modeling I was published in several online magazines across the globe, and it was then I had that recognition that led to winning a pinup contest that I never ever thought would happen to me. The next thing I knew I was getting into acting, which again, was something that I had always wanted to do, but never in a million years thought it would be possible. I am so grateful for all of the photographers that helped to make that happen, and especially to Bob Cassady who’s collaborations working with him led to several achievements that may be small to others, but have had a huge impact on my career as an actor. Hard work does pay off, as the next small feats were not easy. Even though I had only started as working background on tv, movies, and local independent films; I did have help along the way from other actors, in order to get enough recognition to be able to attract the attention of a talent agent. The hard work has paid off because now I am with the Talent Trek Agency, and since being with them I have leveled up to more principle roles. I am so thankful and honored to be a Trekkie, and those small achievements I have acquired since working with them. Although to many background work, being featured, and principle work is small potatoes, but for many it is an accomplishment. I don’t feel that I am in need of validation from others to make me feel as though I am an actual actor, or even a good one since I have limited experiences in acting. Even though these experiences may be few, the point is I have had the experience of doing it, and I have enjoyed every minute of it, no matter how big or small the production value was. I am grateful for those who have allowed me screen time, auditions, and the knowledge that has come with working on set as an actor, and with the crew. Thank you for all of these opportunities.

The achievements that I have recently had has come from the experiences of working on set as an actor, and as a writer. I had the greatest opportunity to collaborate on a project that I never thought would happen for me, or happen so fast, but when it did I had to put all of my fears of failing aside. Luckily I didn’t have to do this alone, I had the collective help of the team that was called the Monster Squad. This great collection of talented actors, directors, crew, was so wonderful to work with. Although I had only written a few scripts, and I had entertained the idea that one day they would be made into a film, I never thought that the day would come so soon. The team was put together for a film festival, The Knoxville Horror Film Fest: Grindhouse Grindout, to be exact; I wrote the script for our film, and it was my first leading role I had ever done. I was a nervous wreck truth be told, and there were so many things that occurred before production ever started, but as a team we persevered. The contribution of the team was incredible, they were incredible, and seeing my words come to life by each person portraying the characters that I had created was the coolest thing ever to see. Words can not express the gratitude for everyone who worked on this project, and I want to personally thank them all for making this small goal of mine to become the achievement it became, and give them the recognition that they richly deserve. To Travis Daniels who put the original team together, I want to thank you first, because without you this crazy idea and opportunity to do the GG would have never happened for me, thank you. To Kevin Wines who stepped in to film our project, I want to thank you next because without you this project would have never moved forward, thank you for creating the cinematography, and for co-directing this project. I also want to thank the crew for working so hard, and fast so we could film the entire movie in just four hours, Jordan Smyth who lit up our set, Brian Michaux who recorded our sound, Tyler Broadway for assisting in anyway he was needed, and Joe HansonDevil Elliot for our awesome location, thank you all so much. I must also applaud our incredibly talented cast, who some pulled double duty as crew also, Brian Michaux, Tyler Broadway, Joe HansonDevil Elliot, Jordan Smyth, Bing Fu, Laura Mayes Fraker, and Tony Caudill, thank you all so much for portraying my characters, you were fabulous. I am always in awe of your musical talent Gage and Ashley Sharp, you both created the beautiful music that was heard in the background, which helped to add to the chill that was present throughout the film, thank you both so much. I also want to give a shoutout to Seth Young for creating our beautiful poster, thank you so much.

I have purposely saved this person for last, because they weren’t just a director, or a coordinator, or a producer, this person saw more than just an idea, and more than just a project for a film festival. I saved mentioning this person last because not only did they see the potential for it being more than just a trailer, but they believed that the team could pull it off, and even though it may have looked as though it could not be a short, they strategically had the sequence of scenes filmed in such a way that allowed the time needed to include all of them, and not just the best ones. This person also helped to keep the team driven with positive words of encouragement, provided the crafty snacks, to keep everyone fed and hydrated, and they made sure everyone had their chance to shine. As for myself, this person kept me going even when I was feeling down, and wouldn’t let me quit when I had almost given up hope. I want to recognize Les Murphy now for his directorial debut, and being what a team leader should be. He did what only many of us dream about, although he too had his doubts, the man is only human too, but he didn’t let his fear dictate the outcome, and he helped us to make a damn fine film. We may not have won any awards, but we are a winning team because we didn’t quit, and never gave up when the odds were stacks against us. Please join me in thanking Les Murphy for bringing the team to the finish line, and for the validation of a job well done, thank you. This project to some may seem small, but for me it was one of my greatest achievements with some of the most talented people that I am grateful to know. Thank you all so much. *Below you will find the link to this film Give My Love To Rose, created by the incredible Monster Squad Team.*

The recognition that comes with achieving ones goals is a wonderful feeling all on its own. When you are finally seen by your peers as an equal, and they give you the respect that you worked so hard to earn is an achievement all by itself. No one can take that from you ever, except you. Once you have managed the respect of others you have to maintain it by being able to be counted on by others, and to not quit when you put a project together, even if you don’t think it will go far, or win awards. I have wanted to quit on many occasions, and for different reasons, mostly for the lack of confidence in myself to complete a task. Even then you have to suck it up and put your big girl pants on, and trudge through whatever feels like is bringing you down. I have felt on several occasions like I didn’t belong, or wasn’t wanted on a project, but I set those fears aside and went with my instincts. When you know in your hearts what is right, you go with it, and make the most with what you are given. I have never felt the need for validation from my peers more than I needed on this last project. Deep down I felt thrust into something I had only played with the idea in my mind, I had even tried things that I wanted to see come to fruition but never expected it to happen. I try to be brave for myself and set fear aside long enough for me to achieve the goal at hand, but then it becomes something else, something different, and I push past that fear of failure so that I can prove it can be done...

Although the validation that you seek may not come as swiftly, or as easy as you may have hoped that it would. The need for recognition among our peers is far greater than we may let on that we desire, or it may be the need to be accepted by them. As a model I don’t need to be considered one only if I am being paid to do it; I don’t need the opinions from my peers, or from strangers to stand in front of a camera. As an actor I don’t need to have a smaller number on the IMDB to feel like I am a working actor; I don’t need the opinions from my peers or from strangers to work just as many or few hours on a set. As a writer I create characters, worlds, and a storyline to complete a manuscript, or even a screenplay; I don’t need the opinions from my peers, or from strangers that I have to be published to be an author. I have the ability to those achievements just as much as those who may perhaps be more experienced than I am, or that may have achieved all of their dreams before I have. The point is to do what makes you happy, and you don’t need anyone else’s opinion in order to do that. Even the smallest of goals can lead to the biggest of achievements.

When achievements are made it is the best feeling in the world, the recognition by your peers for creating anything you set your mind to is a great reward, but don’t set your goals to be achieved only for the validation from others, set your goals to the beat of your hearts desire, and always dream big.

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