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Dream Big 122 (Dream Big S3 E12: One on One with Rose)

I can not believe that Season 3 of Dream Big has almost come to an end. I am here to promote our Season Finale, which of course will be our next episode. This season has been packed full of some of the most incredible people that I have ever met, and I am so honored by those guests who have come on the show to share their big dreams with me. I know the courage it takes to chase after what you desire the most, and it takes even greater courage to talk about in on camera to an audience of strangers. I know it is a challenge for myself to talk about what I am doing, or not doing. I feel as though sometimes talking about trying to achieve your dreams isn’t actually going to make them happen. The most difficult for me is the fact that I haven’t made it yet to where I want to be, and it seems to be that much harder to inspire others when I haven’t made it to my end goal. Honestly, the entire point to Dream Big is to show others that I am still grinding away, and working my ass off to make that happen. Although, I am still trying to figure things out how to make my own dreams come true, and how to spread the inspiration to others who are in fact chasing their own dreams as well. They point I have been working so hard to share is that it is not only about finally making it, and you are now pleasantly famous, or are where your end goal was; it is about how you got there in the first place. In my mind the story of hard work and dedication to me is way more interesting than what you are working on now, or what you’ve achieved. We tend to only follow those who have “made it” per say, but what if we took the time to know those who are still working on that very thing, to follow along with them on their journey. Don’t they have an even more interesting story to follow? Wouldn’t you like to see what they are going through right now, and find out where they are headed? That is exactly why Dream Big means so much to me; I want to be the one to not only share those on their personal path to stardom, no matter what their end goal is. I want to help promote them by sharing their story, and showcasing their talent across the interwebs, so they increase their odds while taking that chance to make it themselves. Don’t you want to be a small part in helping them achieve their dreams? Don’t you want to see them finally succeed? I know I do, and I won’t rest or give up until I know in my heart I have achieved that goal. Please don’t think that you can’t help, or don’t have the time to invest in someone else’s dreams; you can with only one simple action. Share. If you watch the episodes, and you liked them, please share them. You can make a difference. One share may be the one to help make their episode go viral, and nowadays social media can really push anyone to stardom. And that ladies and gentleman is what being part of the Dream Team is all about. It is what Dream Big is all about. Please help to share the inspiration. It is not easy chasing your dreams, we all need support from our friends, and family. Tell them to never give up on you, and always dream big.

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