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Dream Big 115 (Dream Big S3 E9: My Interview with Filmmaker/Photographer Sam Comer)

Many years ago I began my first journey into the world of modeling; it was something I had never thought could ever be a possibility for me, until I met Sam Comer. He took me under his wing and showed me that modeling didn't necessarily mean I had to be almost six feet tall and a size zero. I learned to finally see myself as beautiful, something that I had never looked at myself as being before, and I couldn't have come out of my cocoon without him. Over the years I kept in touch with Sam Comer; I watched his career grow from an amazing photographer into an incredible filmmaker, and I was ecstatic when he agreed to be a guest on the show. Sam shared with me his journey from creating still images to moving ones, and we reminisced about our early days of working together. I do hope that you enjoy this episode of Dream Big, and stay tuned to the end of the episode when Sam, and I share tips on how to pose for promotional photos for a professional acting, or modeling portfolio. No Matter where you come from, we all have to start from somewhere. Humble beginnings are just that, don't let anyone put you down for it. Stand up, stand proud, and always dream big.

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