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Dream Big 113

Do you ever have that feeling when something feels overwhelming, but you are not quite sure what it is exactly? Today I sorta have that feeling, and I am not sure why. I had an interesting past week, some good, some bad, but hey, we have to roll with the punches right. I always feel like such a petty human being about wining about my problems when so many people have just had their homes wrecked, or their lives turned completely upside down because of some kind of natural disaster or another. It breaks my heart that I cannot do anything to help; I do not live close enough to volunteer, and I don't have enough money to donate because I can barely support my own family at the moment. Not only do I feel helpless, I feel completely useless as a human being. I pray to all the Gods that they will get the help they need to overcome this hardship, and are able to reconnect with their homes, loved ones, and pets. Blessed Be to you all.

Anything I say at this point about my life pales in comparison, but I will say that I am so grateful for my family, my friends, and I am so happy that they are well in health, and happiness. I wish for all of you out there who are chasing your dreams that you achieve greatness in your life, and are able to do what makes you happy. Every man, woman, and child should have the opportunity to go after what he or she desires in their hearts, because that is what good people deserve. Do not ever let fear of failure get in your way, you have to make a stand against your worst enemy, and that enemy is self-doubt. The only way to defeat it is by looking at fear as a messenger, which is only showing you to learn from your mistakes. Never quit just because the first time you tried to stand up you fell, you must pull yourself back up onto your feet and trudge through the pain. Yes, failure can hurt, it can feel as though you are never going to make it, but I promise you will if you believe that you will. The self-doubt that whispers in your ear to give up that you'll never be who you want to be is a liar. Do not listen to it. You can and you will make it through the hardships that life sometimes throws at you; don't be afraid to fight for what you want, and you will achieve greatness.

I have to fight with my inner self-doubt on a daily basis. Sometimes I just want to lay down and let the sadness take over me. But then I remember why I am doing all this in the first place. First, I want to do right by my children, and show them to never lose sight of their dreams. Second, I want to be able to do what I love, because it makes me happy. Third, I want to help others like me who used to be too scared to make their dreams come true. I know it is hard, and it has always been hard for me. I know it can be scary, and I've spent way too long being too afraid to even try. And I know that once you can push your fears aside that it can be the most rewarding feeling you will ever have. Yes, I have yet to make all of my dreams come true, but that doesn't mean that I will give up, or stop fighting just because I might fail. If I fail then it is not because I quit, and if I do fail I know that it will only be another lesson to have learned. I hope you will stand up with me against our own self-doubt, and come together to fight our fears so that we can support each other on the journey to our dreams.

It is better to dream and failed, than never to have dreamt at all. Never give up on what your heart desires, and always dream big.

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