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Dream Big 112 (Dream Big S3 E 8: My Interview with the Manhattan 3)

I had the privilege of sitting down and getting to know three very talented musicians, Dillon, Brandon, and Bart of the Manhattan 3, and they were kind enough to not only share their dreams with me, but they also performed a few of their songs after the interview. I absolutely love it when guests come on the show, and show off their talents; it is not everyday when you are serenaded by three handsome gentleman.

Although, they did do more than simply answer a few questions, and play a few songs off of their most recent album. The guys of the Manhattan 3 shared with me what music meant to them, what it's like out there on the road touring, and what life would be like without music. They also gave some great advice to others who are chasing their dreams. You don't want to miss out on this episode of Dream Big, or the talented Manhattan 3.

Life can hit some low notes on occasion, but don't give up searching for the high ones. Keep playing music so they can hear your song, and always dream big.

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