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Dream Big 111

Dear Dream Big,

Today has been kinda crazy so far, my eldest son came to visit with the promise of hanging out with me, and taking me to lunch, but then he ditched me for a younger woman. I can't say that I blame him, I am his mom, and not some hot little trollop to pass the time with. After he left I spent the past few hours on social media, and then decided I needed to write my column for Monday. I tried to come up with a topic to write about, but I was distracted by cat, and food videos. I asked my friends across the world wide social media web what they thought I should write about. A few just weren't for me because I can't honestly write about what I don't know, or haven't experienced for myself yet. I do try to keep things positive and inspirational, but my muse has stepped out on me today. So here I am to write down my feelings about what happened this past week that all began with my birthday.

The weekend isn't even here yet, and I am already reflecting on what has been going on in my life since Monday. Of course Monday was my birthday, I had a lot of birthday wishes from all my friends, and some of my family. Although, a couple of my kids had forgotten, and they text me late that night only after I reminded them about it. Of course my newlywed kids forgot since they had just moved out the day before, and I was sad about not seeing them on my birthday, or even hearing from them all day long, while I sat here all alone, by myself, with no one to spend my birthday with. But I digress. Long story short, I was sad about being alone on my birthday, and then you add empty nest syndrome to the list of emotions. I have since then recovered from my anguish, and I even had good news in the meantime. I got a role that had auditioned for, and I was happy to be working on a set again. I had a great time, even though sometimes getting into character can sometimes leave a bad taste in your mouth, literally. I'll share the details when the episode comes out, until then I will carry on with my wayward week.

I was finally able to enjoy my food again, it took me a few days to no longer feel green, or have that ashy aftertaste in my mouth, but then when things were finally back to normal I ended up welcoming my bitchy Aunt into town. Thank goodness that in a few days she'll be gone and I can live in peace without all her bellyaching, and cramping of my lifestyle before Labor Day weekend. What is the big deal about wearing white afterwards anyway? I think we should wear whatever we want, with the exception of those ugly X-Mas sweaters, no one should wear those; or tights as pants; I don't care how good your body looks, and no sagging britches either, pull those pants up. (End of clothing rant.) I am not a comedian by no means, but I do like to think I have a sense of humor, and just for your peace of mind I won't quit my hostess job. I am so pleased that my muse had shown up just in the nick of time for me to write this column. I was beginning to think that Crazy Cat Lady Rosie wasn't going to show up today, but now that she is here with me all is right in my world.

I don't know what the rest of my week will bring, but just between us I did receive more good news first thing this morning. Of course I can't tell you what it is, it's a secret. What I can tell you is that it makes me happy. And honestly, happiness does not come easily for me. I wish it did. But that is something I always strive for. I am grateful for all that I have, my kids are happy and healthy, and I have a roof over my head with a semi-filled fridge. Although my daughter broke her bed, and I don't have a way of replacing it, and my youngest son isn't happy his big brother moved out of their shared bedroom into the empty room, left by the newlyweds. What is a mom to do when her pups aren't happy? Sometimes I feel completely useless, and I haven't the slightest idea how to make any of their woes better. Perhaps one day I will be able to provide for them the life that they deserve, and I am going to work harder everyday until I can make it happen. Until then, life will continue on as best as it can be.

As for myself, I will not let anything get in my way, or allow what I can't control get into my head, and I will always dream big.

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