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Dream Big 108 (Dream Big S3 E6: My Interview with Clothing Designer Erin Fowler)

A few months ago I had a wonderful opportunity to sit down with the lovely, and talented designer, Erin Fowler. We had a great time while on set, sharing a few laughs together, and discussed various topics such as, designing clothes, jewelry, and what her advice was to others who are chasing their dreams. When I look back at all of the behind scenes photos that were taken I couldn't help but notice that in almost all of them we were laughing, and having a fabulous time. I do hope that you will enjoy watching this episode as much as we did filming it.

When we set our own stage in life we prepare ourselves to be the best act we can be, but we can lose hope of a sold out show. So no matter what, we must go on, and always dream big.

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