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Dream Big 99

The long awaited moment has arrived, and today the precursor to the Dream Big 100 is a defining milestone on this journey to my dreams...

We always talk about the general main events in our lives that occur everyday, such as: growing up, graduating from high school/collage, meeting "the one," getting married, having kids, having grandkids, and growing old. It may not follow in that exact order, but you get the point. What I want to talk about are how we seem to take these events in our lives for granted, or how we do not really think about until it is right in front of us. For instance, I made a trip to the family doctor the other day, and it was a couple towns away from where I live; I had not driven out that way in so long that I almost didn't recognize all the new businesses and renovations to the houses as I passed by. I kept thinking to myself, wow, this has all changed so much, and I couldn't help being inspired by it all. How so do you ask? It made me think about how much time had really passed, how many things were different now, and what had happened to everything I'd known before. But what I had actually known before was irrelevant because it is in the past and we shouldn't dwell on things or people that have moved on, or changed from our lives. Since the past holds no relevancy, we should let it go; we may learn from it, but we have no need for it in our present day to day lives. Now we can turn it into a positive way to look at change because we all need to grow as people, and learn from our actions whether they be mistakes or not, but we still need to move on from it. Which in turn brings us to the present, and how we look at it from a new perspective.

I recently enjoyed a great family outing with the kids, and experienced something not myself or the kids have enjoyed before. We went to an outdoor showing of the movie "Sing," and believe it or not, we had never seen it. This was also our first time seeing a movie of any kind outside, and I was pretty much ill prepared for the event, minus the common outdoor kit containing a few blankets, water, and bug spray. Family is very important to me as I have mentioned before, and the best part was simply curled up together for warmth as we all stayed up passed the usual bedtimes to experience that magical moment together that I hope they'll never forget. I know I will never forget. The movie itself was great, if you haven't seen it please do, but I want to share the feeling I had from watching it, and I promise there wont be any spoilers. The movie was basically about this Koala with big dreams of keeping his theatre from being shut down, so he decides to hold a production showcasing other species of animals who are pursuing their big dreams, and they ranged from many different performances like dancing and singing. To make a long story short, they encountered a total disaster leaving them at rock bottom, and the only thing that could happen next was to pull themselves back up. I could not tell you how many times I have felt as if my world has crashed in all around me, and how many times I've wanted to quit. I find myself at the same crossroads even now, and feel as though I'll never be able to pull myself up again. I am looking up from the bottom even as I write this; I have no job, I cannot find work in things I am good at, or have experience in, works with kids schedules, and where I can still focus on acting, writing, and my show. But to be honest, I don't think it matters at this point, at least I don't think it does anyway. My present situation is like that of the Koala, I'm down as low as I can go, and I have but only one direction I can go in, and that's up. And also like the Koala, I am completely terrified I will fail. The true fact of the matter is if I don't try I can guarantee that I will. So what is the solution? I must let go of my fears, and make something beautiful from the rubble I lay in.

I know we can't always compare our lives to cartoons, but we can be inspired by them. If we don't settle for what we have in the present then we will not be able to see how bright our future can really shine. I have a lot to learn about myself, what I want to do in life, but one thing is certain: I won't learn to embrace my future if I don't let go of the past, work hard in the present, and make my future what I want it to be.

We all look up to the stars to make wishes, or become inspired by the lights sparkling from out of the darkness. You must become like those stars, burn bright, and always dream big.

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