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Dream Big 98

Summer is almost upon us, and so is the 100th Anniversary of Dream Big. After much thought and consideration, the Dream Team and I have decided it will be presented as an episode, so we can make it as special as possible. I'm not exactly sure what I will be doing yet, but there are plans set in motion. I do know that it will air on the day of the 100th Dream Big. And there was a mention of a party, but I think it is yet to be determined. Perhaps there should be a vote on it? To party or not to party, that is the question.

I honestly never thought I would have come as far as I have, but I still feel as though I am in limbo; I'm not exactly moving forward as I hoped I'd be at this point. Creating a show from scratch is a huge undertaking, and if it weren't for my team I'd be completely lost. Personally I haven't a clue as to what I'm doing, all I know is that it does take a village in order to raise my little baby of a show into a full grown network sponsored show. In the end, that is and always has been the ultimate goal. Of course creating and funding my own distribution to networks so I can remain in complete control wouldn't be too shabby either. Right now I'm just simply going with the flow, and doing everything that I can to get Dream Big the recognition it deserves. If I can make this happen, then my guests past, present, and future will reap the benefits as well.

They say with every challenge comes its own reward, and I hope that holds true because I'm not sure what I'll do if it doesn't. Obviously I won't really have much to do if none of this works out for me. At least I know I won't be back at square one since I have other dreams to pursue, unless I have thinned them out before then. And that is exactly what I must decide prior to the 100th anniversary. The big question is not what I should give up, but why I should give up on my dreams. At least perhaps the ones that aren't bearing any fruit anyway, but that's just it. How do I choose which ones to let go? I suppose the answer is right there, I only need to look inside to find what I'm looking for. In the end it will be the right decision.

No matter how hard a decision is to make, the right choice comes from the heart, trust what you believe in, and always dream big.

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