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Dream Big 89

When I was growing up, I was a confused child. I was taught that if I ever had any doubts about something that I should trust my gut instincts, but at the same time I was taught the "what if" scenario of thinking. If I had to think about the consequences then that fell into the "what if"category, and if I wasn't sure about something then I would question how I felt about it. Would it happen as a direct effect? What did my inner voice say? Over the years, I've taken both types of advice into consideration, but most of the time, I allow my heart to lead the way. Because, in my opinion, your heart and your instincts work together as a team, and if you're exceptionally intuitive like myself then it makes things so much easier.

The key to listening to yourself is trust. You have to trust in what your gut tells you, what your heart tells you, and then you must believe in yourself that you were right all along. Without belief in yourself, you leave yourself open to self-doubt and failure. Of course we have to fail at some point in our lives in order to learn the lessons from it, that is how we change and grow as individuals. Unfortunately, there are no lessons that can really prepare us for change and growth if we have self-doubt. We allow ourselves to be open to sabotage.

If you can understand that self-doubt leads to your own sabotage, then that is the first step to acknowledging the problem. Our internal self is quite vulnerable, if you allow doubt to infiltrate your system then other things such as fear are allowed to take over. It's like a thorn you've accidentally stepped on, and if you don't remove it right away it will begin to fester. So in order for you to defeat self-doubt you must never let it in to begin with, pull it out as soon as you feel the prick of it. The sting may hurt for a bit, and you may start to feel a little pain, but if you carefully massage the area it will eventually go away.

Once you have vanquished your foe, the evil self-doubt that tried to keep you under control must be kept at bay, and never allow it to take over again. I'm not saying you have to build a really expensive wall around it, but you should keep a few guards around it just in case of a pending threat. When or if you feel that nagging questioning that your mind sometimes wants to make a game out of, then just let the dogs out to chase them away. Be your own voice, but listen to your gut, and trust your heart; they will protect you from those free radicals and parasites that wish to live off of your fears for free. So feed your instincts when they are hungry, watch your heart grow with confidence, and then you can feel their gratitude when you allow them to do their job.

You don't have to be a psychic to know when something isn't right; trust your gut, listen to your heart, and always dream big.

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