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Dream Big 82 (Dream Big S2 E7: My Interview with Actor Cris Pearson)

I am so pleased to introduce a great guy that I've had the pleasure of working on set with, and I was super stoked when he agreed to be a guest on the show. Cris Pearson is in every sense of the word talented; he's a great comedian, but can also play that role of the perfect villain that you love to hate, making him quite versatile as an actor. I was able to get him to do some pretty cool impersonations, and share with me how he has managed to keep chasing his dreams of being an actor, and his advice to others who are chasing their dreams. I do hope you enjoy today's brand new episode of Dream Big, and please share with others who could use a little extra inspiration in their life.

Never allow yourself to be a puppet on the string of life, cut the ties that bind you from becoming the master of your destiny, and always dream big.

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