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Dream Big 74 ( Dream Big S2 E3: My Interview with Actress Olivia Miller)

I'm pleased to share with all of you episode three of Dream Big, and my very special guest, Olivia Miller. I had the great pleasure of meeting this lady about a year ago via Facebook through mutual photographers, and friends, so it was quite exciting to get to finally meet with her in person. She is not only a bright and talented actress, but she is by far one of the most comedic females I've ever met in my life. And tall, she is very tall, as you can see in the photo of us together. She makes me smile, and I absolutely adore this woman, as I know you will too after watching this video. So please enjoy this brand new episode of Dream Big, give it a like, subscribe to the channel, and share with others who need that extra bit of inspiration.

With hard work and dedication anyone can obtain their goals, it won't happen overnight, and no one is going to hand it to you. Keep challenging yourself, and always Dream Big!

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