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Dream Big 63

Take the time to stop and think for a moment, about how you got to this point in your life. You oftentimes think of the past, and how it made you who you are today. Then you daydream about what might happen in the future. But do you ever stop and think about right now? About how it can shape you into the person you will become. Life doesn't present itself with a manual the minute you arrive on this planet; trust me, your parents wish you had. You have to learn from what lifes' lessons throw at you; sometimes you catch it, sometimes you throw it back. But for whatever the reason being that you choose to do what it is you decide in this life. Make sure it doesn't hurt whomever just might be involved. Can we help it? Most of the time no, but we can at least try. Forgiveness comes from those who can let go of the past, live for the present, and hold on to the dream of that possible future.

If your dreams are too big to grasp, do you give up on your dreams? Or do you downsize your dreams to fit your ever-changing lifestyle?

There comes a time in ones life where change is inevitable. You grow up, you go to school, begin a career, get married, and have children. That is what we're programmed for. A type of "life-brainwashing" so to speak. Even though nothing is consistent, you don't have the perfect pattern of life as we know it paved out for you in gold. Life may be good or bad, but it's the choices we make for ourselves. Ponder your life for just a moment... Happy, or sad, satisfied or not, it's the choices we make that develop us as human beings. Life's lessons learned, may they be easy, or hard, we should still heed their warnings, and listen to what they teach. Life itself is full of perpetual change, the only one thing that is really consistent, is change itself.

Is living a life of regret just that, regret? Or do you just make it, just to get by, and forget about it? What if you can't forget about it? How can you prevent regret? When is enough enough? How can you tell when you can only handle so much at one time?

Now I can tell that I'm totally in over my head. I've been in denial for so long that I'd not realized that I'm not in control of my life at all. I'm only ruled by everything around me. I have not changed myself willingly, I have been forced to change. Just when I think I have things I want in my life, it seems that it spirals out of my control. We make choices because life gives us an ultimatum, only four directions are laid in front of us to go. I'm trapped within the crossroads only looking around me, instead of within me.

Sometimes you have to stop and ask for directions.

Sometimes you just need an escape.

Running away doesn't solve any problems either of course. You can't run from your fears. But what you can do is keep walking down the path you feel most drawn to. Sure you might trip over your feet and stub your toes; you may even fall down, but if you get back up and brush yourself off I promise you'll be ok. Once you have your bearings and figure out where you're going, it's only one step at a time that you'll have to take on your journey to your goals. It's going to feel daunting at times, and you may want to quit at times, but that's ok too. It's perfectly natural to feel intimidated, but it's not the end of the world. No matter how hard life becomes, the hardest part is pushing through those difficult times.

Don't stop. Don't turn around. Keep your head up. Keep your feet on the ground. Don't stop. Don't come out of the clouds, and always dream big.

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