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Dream Big 61

Another birthday has come and gone yet again. When will they stop coming around? I see no point in having one anymore. It serves absolutely no real purpose at all. And do I really need a yearly notice to remind me about my age and that my time is slowly drawing to an end? Not so much. So from here on out I'm just going to have unbirthdays. But no sooner will I dive back into that rabbit hole for yet another dreadful calendar reminder. Perhaps something interesting will come of it; next year of course. Until then I'll keep on the right path and continue this journey to my dreams.

I don't know what the future holds for me, but I know what the present has brought thus far.

Each day is another step towards the goals I set for myself. It's almost become monotonous how it begins. I get up, take kids to school, go walk five miles, come home to shower and get dressed. I then make tea or I have some already set aside and ready to drink, perhaps I'll have some sort of breakfast before I start whatever projects I have scheduled. I do tend to keep a full plate, between writing, acting, modeling, and kids, there's not much time for anything else. But I make time to walk, it's my stress relief, as well as a creative window I can look out from.

My walks are what allows my mind to wonder to magical places.

The last nature trail I went on was amazing. Yes it was a long walk, but it was so worth it. I saw the most beautiful wild flowers, young deer frolicking in an open field, and between the sites and smells it felt as if I were in another land. A magical land where my imagination can run wild. I hear music in the trees, birds harmonizing with one another while the wind keeps them in time. The lake nearby almost gives a show as the sun reflects its light across the water. And the flowers awaken the soul with their beautiful bouquet of sweet fragrances. I could let myself get lost for hours feasting on the bounty nature has to offer.

Unfortunately my days cannot be spent on walking amongst the wild things in the woods alone.

Once I am home and ready to work, I can release the floodgates of creativity to flow freely. And then I get distracted. Between social media, and my litter of cute adorable four week old kittens, I find myself at the mercy of the dreadful "ooh shiny" moments. In my case, it's the "they're so fluffy" and I want to hug them and squeeze them moments. Like for instance right now the kittens are running, and tumbling around and I can't finish writing this sentence fast enough before I'm like. Kitties! Must play with cute cuddly goodness of fluff! Be right back...

Now that the cuddly fluff balls are over my incessant torture of them I shall continue with the writing of this column.

There are some things in life that we are not quite prepared for. Like those cute little furry distractions, or the fact that I'm trying really hard to focus here, but some kitties won't stop being adorable. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I was writing down my thoughts. How silly of me to be unable to focus. The point I was trying to make is that distractions can happen. Sometimes they're not as cute as one would prefer them to be, but it happens. The trick to staying focused is to understand why you're so easily preoccupied with other things besides the task at hand. I'm a daydreamer by nature, and my muse has a sense of humor. Just now the song Daydream Believer by The Monkeys began playing in my head. And if it did for you then you must be a creative person too. I don't think too many hardcore intellectuals have this problem. But if we learn to control it we can create the most incredible ideas ever imagined. It's what we do. There's nothing better than inventing a new whatchamacallit, or a new melody that only you can hear then share it with someone who finds words for it all, and then another portrays the vision of the story. When the muse is at work just listen and you'll be amazed by what she shows you.

Visions can sometimes be plagued with fear.

When we let our fears control us we don't allow the muse to take over. In some cases I have been too scared to let my full potential out. I would keep my muse locked away without a key for fear of failing at what might become something brilliant. Fear is the truest distraction keeping you from your goals, but if you send out the muse to fight on your behalf then you will be victorious in the end. Your mind can be your greatest ally, or your worst enemy, but if you remain strong and hold your ground you can overcome any obstacles that get in your way. I know I keep my muse fully stocked with ammunition and weapons of mass destruction to keep my fears at bay. She rules my mind and is my protector.

Don't let the injustice of fear overcome who you are or what you believe in, let your inner muse keep fighting, and always dream big.

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