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Dream Big 54

If dreams were like Pokemon Go then you'd want to catch them all. If only it were that easy to simply walk around until the warning chime goes off to alert you of how many "dreams" are in your area. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? I wish chasing your dreams were as easy as Pokemon. The comparison, slash, similarity would be "dreams=legendary" so to speak. Both are equally difficult in chasing down and finding them; let alone trying to capture them. Trust me I know, I've been chasing my dreams trying to catch that legendary break I've been hoping for.

During the quest for legendary dreams or Pokemon, you have to do it with a note of caution. You shouldn't be careless and wonder aimlessly in search for such rarities. Of course you must look where you're going, don't walk straight into a wall, fall into a body of water, or not look both ways before walking into on coming traffic. To take heed and be cautious doesn't make you a scaredy-cat anymore than it make you brave for throwing caution in the wind. Both must be taken into consideration prior to making decisions without a grain of salt backing it. The idea of watching out for warning signs should be the main focal point, look before you leap.

Oh, but you're following the map, and constantly looking at your Pokemon tracker to see what's fixing to pop up. And you wait. How many footprints away? And you start traveling in every direction until those footprints are fewer and are closer than ever before. Now what? They just disappeared! Frustration sets in. You'd looked everywhere the tracker said they were, and the map, yes the map, you followed that too! You knew that shadowy silhouette in your tracker was a legendary you had to have in your Pokedex. But where is it? You worked so hard, walked so many miles out of your way, you're exhausted. And for what? Nothing is what it feels like, and it's not at the same time.

It wasn't about catching the elusive Pokemon, or even seeing what that shadow you knew it to be. Deep down you know it was the chase. The journey that you went bravely on to seek out what you were looking for. And what was it that you found along the way? Perhaps it was chance all along. The chance you took to go chasing after imaginary, cyber-creatures that can evolve into cute cuddly monsters. Ok, not all of them are cute cuddly monsters. The point is, you discovered new places, like a restaurant, or a new place to get your hair done. How about that new girl or guy you met that you may have had a great connection with on the path to being the next big gym leader. If all of those things were worth it, and if you didn't get what you wanted right away, then maybe, just maybe the journey was worth it.

After all the time you spent looking down at a map and being led around by a tracker, did you ever look up to see what was right in front of you all along? If your answer is no than stop and look up right now. Look around you and tell yourself what you see. If your answer is yes than you're on the right path because you know what you want without following someone else's GPS. Find your own direction and let it lead you to where you truly want to be. So go out, find what you're looking for, take chances, and always dream big.

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