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Dream Big 52

When one door closes, another door opens...

There comes a time in our lives when the past is just that; we must never look back and worry whether we did the right thing or not. Once the door is closed it shouldn't be opened again; leaving it to become a part of our history. We can learn from it, but we must also leave those skeletons alone. Let them turn to dust and scatter over time.

The beauty of letting go can be an amazing feeling you'll never forget. It's like learning a trade you'll always have to fall back on. And after you've learned to let go of what held you back before, then you learn to avoid it in the future. A good lesson learned is a bright future earned. The future is here, and it's just on the other side of the next door.

A white light peaks through the cracks, surrounding it. Warm and inviting, I reach out before me, grasping the knob firmly in my hand. I turn it to the right until a click echoes in the silence. My heart races with excitement, I still cannot see what is waiting for me but can feel it. Deep down I know I'm where I'm supposed to be. And as I open the door I know I have arrived to my future...

What does it mean to let go? And how can I find the door to the future?

If you have ever quit a job, or broke up with someone because it didn't feel right, you went with your gut instinct. The same holds true when looking for the right path, it's a pull you can't describe, but you know it's there, and it's the right thing to do. I have finally let go of the person I once was, the one that was afraid of everything, the person I no longer wish to be. I let go of fear that I associated with failure. I let go of the person who I thought others saw as a nobody. I let go of the ones who tried holding me back. And I finally let go of the person that I saw in my reflection of the past. I am who I'm supposed to be, and nothing can change that now. I've closed the door to my past, and I have opened the one to my future.

I have worked really hard to achieve my dreams. It may not seem like much, but to me it's coming along just as well. As I had said in my Dream Big 50th Anniversary, YouTube Edition, what I have achieved thus far. In one year of modeling I had been featured in several magazines, calendars, and that led to the start of a possible acting career. Now within six months of that blossoming acting career I have been in two local films, seven television shows, one movie, and I host my own show. That was mostly of my own hunting and submitting. Now that hard work has paid off, others have taken notice, and I'll no longer be alone in trying to find acting jobs. I opened the door when opportunity knocked.

Now I am very proud to announce that I have acquired an agent, and will now be represented by the lovely ladies, Charlotte Dennison, and Juanell Walker, of the Talent Trek Agency. This has been the moment I've been waiting for, and this is just the beginning of what is to come. I can't wait to see what will happen next. But I will not sit idly by and wait for it either; I will continue to push my way in, and accept nothing less that what I want to achieve. And with new partnerships comes great responsibility.

I have chosen this lifestyle, I will continue down this path until I reach my end goal, and I will savor every minute of this journey until I get there. I am a true believer of the Fates, I accept my destiny, and I will always dream big...

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