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Dream Big 49

Have you ever looked up to the sky on a clear dark night and just watched the stars? Do you try and count them, or wonder how many others out there are doing the exact same thing at this very moment? I look up to the stars as often as I can and I dream that one day that they'll finally grant all of those childhood wishes...

Disney said it best, "When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you," and I believe that one day it will. But I have to work hard, and I can't let the obstacles of self-doubt, personal fears, or insecurities get in the way. I have to let all that go and keep moving forward, after all I have a journey to go on.

Life isn't without its own twists and turns, it can get downright bumpy too, but if you strap yourself in tight it can become a fun ride. Some turns might get a little scary, a sudden right or left when you least expect it can make even the most extreme thrill-seekers shudder. And it's not all fun and games when your world is turned completely upside down.

So the parachute to your comfort zone just went off and you find yourself hanging out on a limb of a tree. Now what do you do? If your lucky you kept a pocket knife handy for just this situation. Once you've come up with a solution you cut the ties that bind. Nothing should stand in your way or hold you back, it's up to you to untangle yourself.

If someone asks you, "Did it hurt when you fell?" you say yes. Because it did. So you scraped up your knees, perhaps you might even have some pebbles imbedded in your skin, but it's ok. Wipe it off and clean your wounds; it is only a few scratches after all. If nothing is broken you stand back up again and walk it off.

Sure falling can be a bit painful. But if you push past that it becomes a little more bare-able with each step. In show business they tell you to "break-a-leg" so a couple of bruised knees aren't going to hold you back from the road you're on. You might be limping for a while, but don't let it break your stride.

The road so far has been a straight line of nothingness. Your vision can become impaired if you don't keep your eyes open, you won't know until something or someone passes you by. Opportunities come in different forms, they can change in the blink of an eye.

When we do stop to catch our breath, and a twist of fate changes your direction; you may even feel lost. But that's okay. Stop, look all around you, and go with your gut. What is it telling you? In order to regain your focus you must first listen to your instincts. They have brought you this far, haven't they?

As soon as you let your muse take over the wheel they automatically lead you straight to a crossroads. Ask yourself what you really want. What are you willing to do for it? The options are dead center in front of you, the four corners of your destiny is right there. Are you willing to pay the price for your future, and sacrifice everything?

They say life's all about compromises. You have to give a little to get a little, right? Well of course you do. But it's what you're willing to give up that becomes the challenge. We sacrifice things everyday, our time, our youth, our hearts, and even our own minds. And for what? Fate? Karma? Life? The real question is-was it worth it?

I believe all things worth trying is worth the risk. We all risk anything for love. Whether it's those we hold dear, or the things we want to do. We do it because we love it. Love in itself is worth the sacrifices we make everyday. No matter how scary the ride was to get here. I choose this life because I love it. I dream of it. I wished for it. I want it.

It doesn't matter who you are, or who I am. We can be anything we want, do anything we want. There's enough of those stars in that sky for everyone. You just have to believe that it can come true. It can happen. Anything your heart desires. It can come true, if you only Dream Big...

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