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Dream Big 46

The triple A's of the journey to your dreams start with with your Aspirations, achievements, and acceptance...

We as humans have long since the dawn of time looked to the stars and wondered...What is out there? Where do I belong? What do I want? Will we find it amongst those stars? Those are all very good questions, but the truth is that the answers are already there within us; you just have to know where to look. We aspire to be many things. When we're children we want to be like our parents. When we're teenagers we want to be like our idols. When we're adults we want to be everything we believed to be. But some of us don't make it to our end goal upon adulthood, or really know what that end goal is. Some of you may still be trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up. Others may know, but are having difficulty getting where they want to be. And the lucky ones are enjoying the fruits of their labors. But just because all of your aspirations haven't blossomed yet doesn't mean that it won't in due time.

On our path we have made achievements to get one step closer to our end goals. Take into consideration what you have done. Every thing you've checked off your to do list no matter how small you think it is, it counts. Do you make a special place for things like certificates and trophies? If not you should. Even if you have smaller items you can store in a photo album or hard drive is worth it. Sometimes we have to look back on our achievements to prove to ourselves that it's worth it, to keep going, and that we did it. So keep up the good work, hang that certificate in a nice frame, and put up a shelf to set your trophies. In the end we all like to look up and say, "Hey I did that!"

The hardest thing that anyone will ever face is not failure. Failure is a form of success no matter how difficult it is to imagine. It gives us the skills to get back up again when we fall off our bicycle. It gives us confidence when we are turned down by the first person we ask out on a date. And it's the first thing that allows us time to think about the mistake we made and how to make it better the next time. Don't fear failure because it makes you repeat yourself, but accept what it is showing you in your mistake. Acceptance has to come from within us. It is not given, but earned. In order to do so requires us to realize where the mistake came from, and then do it again until the end goal is achieved. Accepting failure as part of life and the grand scheme of things is the first part. The second part is accepting when we need to let go. Not every dream will come true, some are even a hindrance to what you were supposed to do in the first place. How do you know when to give something up? You feel it. Have you ever felt something was not quite right, or that you almost had a sense of dread, possibly even anxiety? Well that feeling is a natural warning sign that it isn't what you're meant to do. How do you know what you're meant to do? It's the same gut feeling, but warm, inviting, it makes you happy, because you love to do it. These are all correlation to your end goal, your dreams. People have set more focus on how much instead of how simple. No it's not easy, but if you want it bad enough you'll work for it. Because you want it, need it, and can't live without it, like the air you breath. So work to survive, but work so you can do what you love. And if you love what you do it's not really work.

With acceptance you can achieve everything that you aspire to do, all you have to do is dream big...

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