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Dream Big 37 (Special Edition) Mother Earth

Mother Earth forgive us for what we've done, we take you for granted and you're our only one.

No life on Mars, no time in space, without you, no human race. If people could see passed money and greed, we'd have no worries, in this time of need.

You hurt me

You burn me

Uproot me

You kill our young

Destroy us without cause

You hurt me

You hurt me

Defeat me and you'll see

My anger rise again

I'll show you what I'll do

Let my wrath begin

One world, one voice, we can help make the choice. Hear her cries, mercy she pleads. Help her heal, give her what she needs. One world, one voice, only one choice to make. We can take it all, or give it back. One chance to lose, or take the fall.

The rain will end, the sun won't shine. We must define, what's yours and mine. Take care what is there, all of life we must share. Out of lust and greed, we take more than what we need.

Mother Earth please forgive us for what we've done. We take you for granted and you're our only one.

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