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Dream Big 35

We are pushed and pulled in many different directions. Sometimes so much so that we don't know which way is the right way to go. Our lives entwine much like the spiderweb. If we follow the path like a web then we could easily get confused if we do not map it out for ourselves. And if we don't properly allow time for outlining the correct direction we can find ourselves lost in the threads that surround us. A spider weaves its web carefully, leaving enough space to tread without falling through. When the symbolism is used then we can learn the lesson from the spider that it is we that spin our own web of fate. Each silk is spun from actions set to purpose, and then from a twist of fate we create our destiny. If only we could see what the future holds for us. Would it change the decisions we make? Or is it simply a never ending lesson of trial and error? There is no true way to make certain that what we choose to do is what is meant to be. Or is it? Think about the possibilities of knowing just for one minute. If you knew yesterday what the outcome of today would bring, would you change what you did in the first place? Personally there would be a lot of things I would change in my own life. Not so much life events as it would be some of the hesitation I've shown in the past out of fear of failure. And that is the number one thing that cripples most decisions people end up making. The want in one hand and the doubt in the other weighs heavily when you're out of balance. The key to any successful decision making process is to not let any outside emotions influence the final outcome. It can be done. If you love yourself the way that you should than it shouldn't be a problem, but if you don't care or are insecure in any way I suggest meditation for you. A closed off quiet room will be your friend when you need to cleanse your clouded judgement. You can even light a candle or incense, and play soft music in the background to set the mood for clarification. You would be amazed by the solace created for your mind, as you sit with your eyes closed, and focusing only on your breathing. It allows for the third eye to open to see what is best between the options in front of you. Go with the first initial instinct you are most drawn to, and then meditate on that. Ask yourself questions about your hearts desire, don't let anything go unanswered. The truest answer comes from deep within your being, and you must reach even deeper to get the answer you seek. No one can make the decision for you that is entirely up to you. But your heart never lies when it's put to the test. Once you know your answer then it is time to set a plan in motion how you'll achieve your goal. I used to think it was as simple as compiling a grocery list, but it's not as simple as we'd like it to be. Meditating on the answer was the easy part. We can all make that decision, it's getting ready for the journey that becomes difficult. Perhaps if we focus on the list of things we need for our travels that would be a baby-step in the right direction. I know what I need to take with me in order to get where I need to go. Sometimes I drop things on the way and I have to turn around to pick up the missing pieces. When you take the time to retrace your steps then you have a chance to reroute yourself in an all new direction, but you still have to stay on the path in front of you so not to lose the way. I oftentimes tend to stop and ask for guidance along the way. Nine times out of ten I get bad advice and I lose my sense of direction. I end up finding myself in a wet paper bag with no way out. When your trapped alone in the dark it can become scary without someone with you holding your hand. I hate that feeling you get when all appears bleak and your plight seems to only get worse the longer you try to find a way out. Patience and timing is all you need to find the light at the end of an open tunnel. Follow it and you're golden. Taking chances without weighing the odds is scarier than taking time to place a proper bet on the best decision. What seems to be a never ending dark tunnel can lead to the light if we keep our mind clear to let it in. Life isn't always one way or another, but it's the right way for each individual seeking a better chance to shine in this world. If we keep pushing forward through all the challenges and obstacles that come our way then we can do anything we put our hearts into. We just have to keep believing we can, and dream big while we're doing it.

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