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Dream Big 27

The holidays have come and gone, leaving us at the mercy of the Mercury Retrograde. Whether you're familiar with this phenomenon, or a disbeliever than this occurrence you won't comprehend. During the retrograde things can spiral into chaos, or it can be a time of reflection, and it can even be a time of change. History can repeat itself for the short period it's in the reverse orbit, this of course is a good time to take heed to the lessons and learn from it. If you choose to look the other way chances are it will come back to haunt you. In the event that you do learn from these lessons then you are in for a change, for the better of course. First lets reflect on what we want to change and then do it. There's not a damn thing holding you back, only you can prevent change. Instead of making those New Years resolutions, how about you think about what is the result you're going for, instead of just simply stating your intentions. It will have more positive results going for the end goal. Example, don't say I'm going to stop smoking, drinking, eating bon bons, or will exercise more. Do though state the reason for it, and then do it. I'll die if I don't quit smoking, if you don't want to die then just quit. Throw them out. I know it will be hard, but your mind is more powerful than your body is. If you have set in your mind that you don't want them and they disgust you, then you can beat the habit better than just saying I'm going to try to quit. Do, or do not, there is no try. The same goes for the other things on your resolution list, do it, don't just try. You can achieve the possible, all you have to do is believe. I sometimes lose that belief. I suppose it's only natural for it to happen, but I do what I can. For me, I have to find a way to get it back when I lose it. I will either go for a walk, a drive, or listen to music, and if that doesn't work I panic. The way to enlightenment doesn't always work for me, so I try to come up with something that does. Reflection is the one thing I can rely on to get back that belief. The belief that I can, and I will. By reflecting on my previous accomplishments, I see the proof in what I've succeeded in, and I am then a living proof to myself that I can make it happen. In the past I've had people hold me back, or put me down, telling me that I can't do what I want because it's silly, I won't make money, or I won't make it because that only happens to special people, and I'm not that special. So, for years of hearing that growing up, or from being in bad relationships that is all I had when it came to a support system. Now I'm all grown up, I have maturity as my friend, and confidence as my lover, and together I have the means to take on whatever goals I set for myself. I may falter from time to time, but it's only my past trying to come back to haunt me. And I can't very well be afraid of the ghosts from the past now can I? Of course not, that's nothing that a little salt and iron won't take care of. This year I am taking it upon myself to go after what I want, without fear, and perhaps without consequences. I've come to realize that what I want isn't going to fall out of the sky and lay it's head in my lap. I have to go get what I want and wield it to my every desires. If I give myself the chance, or if I am able to obtain the chance through hard work I will take on the world. My dreams are covered with the stars I wished for. My goals are the achievements I've set in my sights. And my heart tells me that I'm going to have it all, if I can only keep believing in myself. I can, and I will, do what I've dreamt since I was a little girl. I will stand in one place, and twirl, and twirl until I can't see what's in front of me, and then I'm going to reach out and grab the closest thing that I can finally hold onto. I won't let myself loose control, or fall down, but if I do I'm going to get back up and brush myself off. I will find those little girl fantasies, I will believe in the little things no one else can see, and I will dream the dreams that make you smile in your sleep. Believe you must, and dream big you will.


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