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Dream Big 18

Life can take you anywhere, and it can take you on an amazing ride. Sometime though the ride is bumpy, hurtful, and downright mean. Even though you may feel that things are unfair, you have to stay positive, and believe in yourself, focusing on the good along the way. I have struggled through the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all. When I go to sleep at night I toss and turn from the pain. But, even through my restless nights I wake up to remember all the positive things that are in my life. I have my health, my children are happy, and I'm getting closer to achieving my goals. In less than a six month time period that I have been modeling, I have surprised myself, surpassing what I expected to happen. I have posed for a dozen photographers, modeled Harley Davidson apparel, won first place in a pinup contest, been in a B-movie horror flick, and modeled promotional merchandise from the movie, and I just made my fourteenth magazine publication. I have learned to choose which photos are the best for publication, and have been submitting to several different types of magazines in hopes to be lucky enough to be on their pages. I love what I do, and I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful, and interesting people in my travels to stardom. Although I'm not sure if I'll ever achieve my ultimate goal of gracing the front cover of a magazine, I have been on a back cover, and I hope to make my front cover dream come true soon. I'm counting down my list of goals, crossing them off one achievement at a time. I know eventually I'll get there, but in the meantime I'll be writing about my adventures. Words hold great power and meaning. My words are strong, they send a message that I'm not going to give up on my writing either. I have been able to write articles for several magazines, some I've even been in as a model. My adult fantasy novel I've been working on is currently on hold for the moment. Once the cold is upon us, and the modeling has slowed down for the season I'll get back to it. Until then it will be shelved in my mind, waiting for the time when I release it from the tower. You could easily say I'm a jack-of-all-trades, and I will master all that I do in good time. Until then I will continue to put my best foot forward on my path to greatness. I will get there. Even if it takes everything I have left to give. I will see to it my goals are met. And while I wait patiently for my wishes to come true, I will keep my head up and keep pushing forward, and dream big.

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