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Dream Big 25 Anniversery Addition

Today is the Winter Solstice, or also known as Yule, and this is the my gift to you, the fans of my Dream Big column. Although it's not been quite a year yet since starting my column, but it has been recording milestones, and with the seasonal change to winter, it made sense to me to post the very first coulmn, and the original title, that was enevitably shortened of course. The Dream Big concept was born, and became over the next several months a diary of sorts, and to this day it still documents my achievments, my failures, and my emotions. Writing about my modeling career, and writing about writing can get a little confusing at times, but I love what I do. Sometimes I'll read through all the past Dream Big coulmns and think about where I was then in comparison to where I am now, I have achieved some of those dreams, and I will keep going until all of them are a reality. Here's where it all started, enjoy...

I Know it's a Dream, but let's Dream BIG... As humans we've been chasing our dreams since the beginning of time. Early man wanted to keep warm, so he made fire. When he wanted to get somewhere faster, he invented the wheel. Fast forward to the second industrial revolution, man developed the combustion engine, and harnessed electricity. Now we're getting somewhere. But these weren't just any dreams mankind had, these were big dreams. Close your eyes for a moment, I'll even stop writing here for you to do so. But before I stop writing, and you stop reading,I want you to think of what your dreams are...Got it? Good, let's move on shall we? At the end of this column I'm sure they'll be a place for comments, please, feel free to share your dreams with me, no matter how big, or small. But first I'll share with you my dreams, and give a more proper introduction to myself. Well, an introduction to my dreams anyway. I am an aspiring author-translation-I'm a freelance writer, with big dreams of a traditional publishing contract. I have been theoretically writing since I was twelve, and trying my hand at writing my first novels four years ago. I'm also trying to accomplish another lifelong dream of being in a magazine, as the model. I've only within the past year been trying to be a pin up model. Do I have other big dreams, or aspirations? Yes, several. But this column is based only on those two dreams. Both have similarities, which is solely based on talent. My talent. Both fields are, and not limited to being subjective. But why am I telling you all this? Because this column will be like a diary of sorts. A weekly, or bi-weekly account of my journey to publication. I may, or may not make it, but I will share my ups, and downs, my good news, and my bad news, so that others can relate to what I'm going through during the process. With that being said place your bets on which I accomplish first, as a published author, or as a published model. Realistically, it would take far longer for me to establish a full fledged writing career. The querying alone just trying to land a literary agent is an amazing feat in itself, but I'm going to keep sending out those queries, and keep trying. As far as the modeling goes, I'll keep trying to get as many photo shoots as I can go to, and maybe if I'm lucky one of the talented photographers will submit something great to a magazine. I will touch base with each prospective career as it goes along. But one thing is for sure, I'm not going to give up trying. I know it's a dream, but I'm going to dream big...

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