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Dream Big 21

When opportunity knocks it's only natural to open the door. It's also natural to peak around the corner to see what might be ahead. Fear of the unknown is more than not a likely cause as to why we don't step inside. It acts as a prohibitor instead of an instigator, therefore causing an instantaneous slamming of the door. All of our hopes and dreams are now locked inside along with the key. Opportunity has closed the door. We are then left with regret. What if we don't get a second chance? We can ask all the questions we like, it still doesn't change the fact that we let opportunity pass us by. But if it's meant to be it will happen, right? That could perhaps be the case, but destiny is only a small part of the plan, the rest is up to you. The choice was made when you slammed the door, shut on a great possibility that only comes around when the time is right. Life is full of chances, but sometimes you only get one shot to prove your worth. Whether it be destiny or a game of chance, daily life can play a hand also. When burdened by responsibilities where other people rely on you to be there and provide for them it makes it difficult to put them aside to chase your own dreams. That's exactly why I give this advice to any and all young persons without restrictions of a family life. Go get your dreams. You have no other obligations but to yourself, focus on your achievements, then things like love, marriage, and or children will not hinder you on the road to discovery. I had children at such a young age, I hadn't even graduated high school when I had my first. Even after I chose to work hard over the years to not only take care of my children, but I still tried to discover who I was and what I dreamed of doing. I want to set an example for my children, to go after what they want while they're still young, to not wait like I did. I still have time to achieve my goals, but age does hinder me in some things. I feel like the clock is ticking, and not in my favor. Time is like a bomb waiting to go off, or a timer to let you know when things are done. I have set my goals on such a measurement, but I fear that it will have expired before I even had my chance for achievement. In a way that just makes me trudge forward, and to open every door that I hear knocking. It's not easy for me. Fear is my truest enemy, it strikes me down at any given moment, but I fight it with everything I've got. I give all that I do 110%, I work, I move forward, I try new angles, and I take what opportunities I can get. I don't leave any stone unturned, or pass by any path I could walk. One day it will happen I keep telling myself. One day. Opportunity may only come around once in a lifetime, or if you're lucky it will come around again if it's meant to be. All I know that I will not let it pass me by. I will open every door until I see my future inside. Until then I will search far and wide for my door, and dream big.

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