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Dream Big 20

Today is Friday the 13th. It is by far one of my favorite days. Thirteen being my lucky number, and the fact that there's so much interesting superstitions involved. But I considerate to be a lucky day for me anyway. Although I've yet to have anything good come my way, I've yet to have anything bad happen either. Whether it be good luck or bad, I'm waiting patiently for some good to come full circle. I've had several things in my daily life come and turn everything upside down. I have pushed passed it and now I'm ready to continue down that ever winding road. I'm chasing the rabbit wherever it leads me. In life we sometimes make rash decisions, or in fact are put in a place where it's made for us. The bigger question is which one should I swallow? Both sides of the biscuit look scrumptious and quite tempting. But is it worth the risk of such extreme changes that I could undergo? I could take a really big bite and watch myself grow to the moon and back, or I could be cautious and simply nibble until I reach my full potential. Either way I choose, I can only do what's best for me, I can only do what I need to in order to achieve my goals in the end. Yes, my path is sometimes dark and creepy. I only have the light from within to guide me. I can't let the superstition of black cats crossing in my direction deter me, I can only follow them and in turn learn from them. Where their guidance leads can only be to safety when I feel lost, or to prevent me from going down the rabbit hole. I'm not one to just jump in feet first. I must test the waters, test myself, and make sure I'm not stepping in quicksand. The wrong decisions can pull you under, take your breath, and kill your spirit. If you let the sorrow take over you'll never get out. I will not let it bring me down, I will fight for what I believe in, and strive even harder to see where the end of my journey comes to pass. I wonder if I will ever awaken from this crazy place of make-believe, or will I never want to wake up? Sometimes the oddities of an enchanting existence is easier to handle than reality ever could be. But that's another story for another time. I must however find out who I am, where I belong, and how I can get there. I may never leave the world I dream in, but if I must in my reality, I will always dream big.

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