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Dream Big 19

Light is a beacon from the darkness, however faint it may be. Sometimes we feel trapped, but through the tiny cracks we can see past it. It is then when we can finally open our eyes to let it in, and won't have to fear what is ahead.

There are many times I have stumbled through the unknown. I tentatively reach out to try and feel my way around, afraid of what may be in front of me. With the softest caress of my fingers I grasp the closest solid object I can find. Strength comes in many forms, but the challenges we sometimes face are unstable.

What have I learned from the mere thought of falling? Yes, it's scary. The fear that takes control of you and won't let go. In order to overcome it you must cling to the edge with all of your might so you can pull yourself back up. I have fallen many times trying to reach for my inner power to hold on and not let go. Letting go must also be learned. If you hold on to the negative than you can never heal. Memories can latch hold of you like a virus, always changing, without exceptions, and your past remains to haunt you. Exercising the pain can be achieved through conquering those inner demons that cause you harm. You must cleanse yourself of such burdens, imagine them flowing out and away from your body. Now is the time to face the past head on while it's right in front of you. Imagine it becoming weaker, slowly fading from sight, and then grab it. Once you can feel that reality that wasn't meant to be, open your hands and let it go.

Freedom is felt like a lifting up. You feel lighter than you've ever felt before. It's as if you're floating, and if you stretch your arms out you could even fly. The clouds embrace you, and then lay back with releasing the breath you hold tight within. Imagination is then free to run wild the way it should always be.

When you're heads in the clouds free of the things that hold you down, then you have no choice but to unleash the energy, and let it carry you to the destiny you were meant to have. All you have to do to achieve that is to keep learning to fly, and dream big.

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