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Lost Dreams

I'm not the person I dreamt I would be. I've not ac

complished my goals I set for myself in life. I've not been able to find my path and I feel lost. I'm still that scared insecure little girl with big dreams. But even the biggest dreams sometimes never come true, no matter how much I want believe in them. I want to be the strong woman that I set out to be. I feel as if I'm failing. If I could sustain my confidence I might have a chance to heal. Right now I only see myself as broken. I try to pick up the pieces, one by one. If I had the chance I'd put myself back together. But some things you simply cannot fix. Once it's destroyed nothing can mend it again. I believe happiness can only come from within. It can't be bought or sold. If I had the chance to be truly happy, I would hope that it comes from the heart.

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