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Ponder This...

It's another hazy day. Do you ever stop to smell the rain? The temperature is cool. It hasn't become a sticky hot day yet. I can smell the rain. A cool breeze is blowing in from the east. Perhaps help is on the way. I want to wait out the storm. But will it ever pass. I can hear answers in the wind. I watch the animals return to their homes. Mother Earth embraces them in shelter. I want to be among them. Are we really safe there? I want to follow their lessons. I hear music in the trees. The leaves turn upside down. I want to be able to absorb their wisdom. Do they have all the answers? I will listen to what they have to say. I walk of this Earth. She is beautiful and she is wise. We can learn from her. Have we weakened her? I shall heed her warnings. I will follow the path I've been granted. I will hear the wisdom I've been gifted. I will embrace my destiny I've been chosen. I will heal the hurt I've been frozen.

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