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Dream Big 126

The holidays have come and gone taking 2017 along with them. I look toward the new year with hope that my dreams will begin to manifest into reality. Although, day one of the new year my dishwasher stopped working, and then flashed a code at me. Sometimes I wish certain things in life would flash a code to tell you exactly what the problem is so there’s no guessing involved. You can work hard towards your goals, but when things go south there’s no flashy code to tell you where you went wrong. Of course, instead of moping around that the dishwasher somehow was an omen of what’s to come in the new year; I do what I do best, take a deep breath, and then accept that the universe is teaching me a lesson. A new year also includes the traditions of setting resolutions for ourselves. I personally have several that have been set into motion for a few years now, and I am still waiting for them to bloom like a Giant Himalayan Lily. Although, lately it’s more like a Corpse Flower; everything seems to stink so far as I wait for my dreams to finally blossom into something beautiful. Whilst tending to such rare species of plants comes with a lot of hard work and dedication; it is also quite rewarding in the end when they finally bloom. I know if I am patient, and tend to my dreams as if they were rare flowers I will see them grow to fruition. I could not have powered through the holidays without the love and support from my family, and friends. You know who you are, and I thank you very much. All that matters to me is that my children enjoyed their holidays, and they are lucky enough to celebrate two different ones due to family celebration differences. Also during the winter break I kept myself so busy preparing for Yule, and Christmas, I ended up making myself sick for New Years Eve. I however am feeling much better, and now that the kids are back in school; I am returning my focus to my goals for the new year. I know it will not be an easy task, but if I take things as they come, and remain steadfast, it will work out in the end. With each passing year we say goodbye to the past, and welcome the future. Let us learn from the lessons that were left behind so we can move forward with the knowledge we were blessed with. Now it is time to tend to the seeds that were planted with great care, so that they will grow with anticipation for a better tomorrow, and always dream big.

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