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Dream Big 118 (Dream Big S3 E10: My Interview with Actor/Author Pete Pitts)

I am so pleased to see any of my previous guests moving forward in their careers, and making their dreams come true. It was a pleasure working on set with Pete Pitts, as it was having him on a previous episode of Dream Big, and it is an honor to have him return to the show. This time he has brought with him a book he wrote while on his path to success, and he shares with me how he was compelled to write it. It is not often enough when I get to meet such incredible people, but Pete is one of those individuals who has gone the extra mile for his dreams. When I read his book Path to Success; I was blown away by the incredible wisdom that he has achieved, and the sacrifices he had to make to be where he is today. As someone who has been around the block a few times; I was influenced by his words to be a better person, and to not allow myself to give up on my own dreams. Pete Pitts is inspired, and I hope you will be too after watching this episode of Dream Big. The road to success is never painted in gold, it takes a lot of hard work and determination. The desire to finish what you put into motion is the true path to success. Keep moving forward, and always dream big.

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