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July 24, 2017



For the past three hours I have sat in front of the keyboard staring at a blank screen, except for the title. It occurred to me that writers block is not a fabled myth, but a challenge needed to be reckoned with. So I searched for something to inspire me on social media, and that was a wash; so I posted that I was in need of inspiration, and was then given a few options from a close friend of mine. He suggested that I write about my experiences as a nude model, what it is like, what really goes on during the shoot, and how I mentally prepared for it the first time I did it. I thought to myself that although to most it could be a stand alone topic, with generic answers to the questions at hand, but the answers are far from generic or simple. My dilemma now I am having is whether to go into intimate details, or if I should keep things as they are, and let some things remain a mystery. To be honest, I should allow for the unsaid topic remain as it is; a mystery for the time being, and perhaps one day I will tell the full undisclosed details, but for now, the answers will remain simple and to the point. Shall we begin?