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Dream Big 93

I am so pleased to say that Dream Big Season 3 is getting closer than ever to begin filming. I have been busy putting together my guest list for the new season, as well as making sure the Dream Team is all aboard for what new things we have planned. The actual show isn't the only thing we are counting down to. The 100th Dream Big, will be the deciding factor of whether I continue to chase my own personal dreams. With only seven weeks to go I am hoping that at least one of my goals will have taken me off to a great start, and that I don't give in to my fears and doubts that have been plaguing me lately. Now, I will be closer to my greatest challenge I have yet to face, and I will need your support in order to help me keep these dreams alive. And to help Dream Big move forward to its next evolution.

I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful support group from my Dream Team, they not only volunteer their time and resources to breath life into to the show, but they truly believe in what the show is about. If it weren't for them pushing me forward, and helping me to believe in myself I don't know what I'd do. The Dream Team aren't the only ones who support me and the show. I have friends, and family who understand the meaning behind what Dream Big stands for, but there are others, my guests, and the fans who have really helped to make this show stand on the dreams that created it. I want to thank all of you for not only being a part of the show, but for being part of my family, without your support I wouldn't have come as far as I have today on this project. Thank you.

I know I can not receive support from everyone out there, and unfortunately there are some that wish me to fail. For nearly a year now since starting Dream Big I have been bullied, and threatened to stop filming my show. I don't like to post anything negative, even though sometimes I may feel or have my own negative thoughts in which I have trouble maintaining my fears and keeping them in check. This is a different form of negativity all together. It's brought on by a certain individual who claims I'd stolen their idea. Now, I created the show based on my working column that predates the show by at least a year. Now, to my knowledge I know there is a difference between podcasts and video; and that the two can be interchangeable I'm sure, but my theme or idea of the show has been my own. I'm not completely original being that I have guests on my show and I interview them, but I interview them based on their dreams, and how they managed to make them happen. I have a plethora of individuals of diversity when it comes to their dreams or goals. Although, I may have two or more guests who are actors, or musicians, they all go about obtaining their dreams in separate ways. No two guests are alike, and no two dreams are exactly the same either.

Herein lies my point, my show isn't much different than any other talk show if you think about it, but what sets my show apart from the others is that I speak to individuals who are still in the process of making it in this world as I am. I am sharing my dreams to the audience, just as my guests do; so there really isn't much of a difference between my guests dreams, and or mine. So please if you will, help me to understand why someone believes I stole their idea when my premise to the show is so infinitely different than simply interviewing people on a completely different level. If I were ripping someone off then wouldn't it be the same as if every talk show host claimed someone stole their idea? The two words Dream Big, I do not own, but I don't feel as though someone with the same name on something else was stolen from me. The fact of the matter is, I'm basically a run of the mill talk show that interviews individuals about their dreams, nothing more, nothing less, I'm not claiming, nor will I ever that I am better than someone else. I will say this, I like to think of myself to be better each day that I work hard on what I do, or what I believe in.

I don't believe as a child you ever get over being bullied, but as an adult you can chose to not let them get you down. Keep fighting for what you believe in no matter what anyone else tries to tell you otherwise, and always dream big.

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