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Dream Big 92

It's the moment of truth as some would call it. Can I really have it all? The kids, the bills, the responsibilities that come with it, and still make time for a career? I am not just talking about any career either, this is the one that dreams are made of...

We all do the juggling act between life, love, and still try to laugh at the things that's seem to bring us down. This is by no means an easy task, to be honest it's the worst. I have spent the past few weeks trying to spring clean around the kids schedules and mine in order to gain control of my house, and organize the chaos. It's a hard job, but somebody's got to do it. How do I do it? With a lot of baskets, and plastic organizers. And duct tape for the kids. (Just kidding) *maybe not* (yes I am) *who does that* Anyway that's a different story for another day.

Today is the here and now. And now I'm rambling because I chose to wait until the last minute to write this column. See, I'm a busy woman, but somehow I manage to make things work. So far today I've managed to drop off kids to school on time, clean the house, do some laundry, clean cat boxes, and make myself some breakfast and drink my herbal tea. And it's approximately 11:13am, and I have a photo shoot scheduled for 12pm. How's that for multitasking? I don't even know how I do it, but I'm not sure if I'll finish writing this in time to post, and then still have time to put on makeup and do something with my hair. I may have a naked face photo shoot, and crazy hair, which could be interesting to say the least.

Although, I have had a laundry list of things to do, I've maintained the career path I have chosen. Of course it is not perfect in any way, but I'm still submitting to acting gigs, and passing some on to my agent to submit on my behalf. I am a little behind with Dream Big, besides keeping up with the column; I have yet to make my guest list for the new season, I haven't been promoting the show much at all, and I still have the new business cards to be made. I also have a list of needs for the show, crew, and cast to be fulfilled, but without sponsors my hands are tied. I haven't even tried to find sponsors yet. I know we need things, and yet I'm still unable to provide for my Dream Team family. I think if I could stop and breath for five minutes I may be able to come up with a plan, but so far I'm suffocating at my own hands.

There are times when your overworked with little to no effort at all. That is exactly where I am at right now, overworked and extremely underpaid. I technically have four different jobs, two daytime, (well only one if I get called in to sub), the other day job I may only get to work an hour per day depending on the length of my list of calls to make, acting when I do get booked, and hosting my own show which I don't make any income on at all. My Dream Team works on a volunteer basis, and we all do it because we love it. I want to add modeling back to my job list, but so far have yet to have a paid to model gig. I don't mind doing trade shoots at all, but it would be nice to add a little green to it every now and again. Perhaps all things will work it's way to being productive on all fronts, but until then I have to keep my chin up and my heart in it.

Life can be a difficult balance between what is wanted and what is needed. You can enjoy it all, family, friends, work, and play. Don't give up what's in your heart to make it easier, keep living life to the fullest, and always dream big.

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