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Dream Big 68

Fall is here and Halloween is just a week away. The leaves are beginning to change and the air will soon be filled the the aromas of pumpkin and spice. And that's not all that is soon to arrive. I'm excited to announce that the first episode of the new season of Dream Big will be airing on my YouTube channel! Of course it will be a special Halloween episode too; you won't want to miss it. The format will change just a little bit this season, but the same inspirational feelings will wash over you when you watch real people sharing their stories to make the American dream come true for them. It will be a great season, and I'm looking forward to meeting all of my new guests.

As for myself, I have been diligently working on preparing for the shows new season and some big changes will be on the horizon. I do hope you all will stick around for some big news in the near future. I've been working hard to achieve some of my own personal dreams, and this time I have the help of my Dream Big team. They have been there for the show and have kept me from giving up. I couldn't have come this far without Will and Taylor. Thank you for believing in me, and the show. I'm not sure what the future holds for Dream Big, but I am looking forward to seeing it through.

In the midst of working hard to get the new season started, I have been continuing to walk to be healthy and have made it another step closer to my weight loss goal. I have also been making some executive decisions about my goals and have decided to put a few things on hold for now. Although I do love modeling and submitting to magazines I have to take a short break from it for now. I'd like to get down to my desired weight first of course, and then I'll step back into it again. But it's not only my weight that is causing a pause in modeling; I've also been busy with my show, and with my going into acting. I have also taken a leave of my fantasy novel series for the time being as I have someone going over the final edits to insure no mistakes; sometimes another set of eyes helps. But I've still not resumed writing the third book yet, unfortunately I've simply not had the time. Which for me sucks to be honest, because I really miss my characters. I haven't given up on them, I hope they haven't given up on me either. Soon, I promise.

That is my news in a nutshell. I do hope that if you've not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, you'll do it now. You don't want to miss the new season. And you can get there via a link on my website under the Dream Big page and look for the pink bubble that says YouTube Channel. You can't miss it in the upper right hand corner. Think pink and click!

No matter how scary things may seem to be, see the future, be the future, and always dream big!

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