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Dream Big 66 My Interview with Josh T. K.O. Turner, and Friends...(Special YouTube Edition)

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing a great group of guys including: Josh Turner, Pete Pitts, Stacy Crowder, and Skyler Felton. These four fabulous gentleman came from a great distance to be on my show. They were such a blast to meet, and we had fun just hanging out after we finished filming. I'm sure that you will recognize a few of them (if not all of them) on various television shows and movies, but I hope that you'll remember what wonderful people they are after you watch this episode. They not only made for the most comical guests, but they also brought the house down for the season finale. But don't be alarmed! Dream Big will return with all new guests, and perhaps some special repeat guests as well. So stay tuned right here on this website, and on my YouTube Channel for what's to come when season two debuts in a few more weeks. Thank you for watching!

We all have those incredible moments we'll never forget; live for the memories, and always Dream Big!

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