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Dream Big 42 My Interview with Whitey Mack of La Basura Del Diablo (YouTube Special Edition)

Rock and roll is good for the soul. That's what I've always heard anyway. We live, we breath, and we bleed rock n' roll until the day we die, as most musicians will tell you. And I had the pleasure of interviewing one of them. Whitey Mack, lead singer, and founder of La Basura Del Diablo, met with me at The Open Chord in Knoxville for the first live interview for Dream Big. Although previously recorded you still have a front seat to what he had to say about his dreams, music, and where he sees things going in the future. The experience was incredible for me. Interviewing someone for the first time live on a sound stage at one of the best venues in town to see the best bands from all around come and play. I wasn't sure what to expect, I was a little nervous, but I gave it my all. Whitey was great, he was so polite and a real gentleman. But don't let that fool you, he's a hard rocker with the power of music that's all his own. He and his band are not only local to the metal scene, but they go on tour as well. If you've not seen these guys play live you'll want to after watching the video. I hope that others like Whitey will share their stories of the dreams they have with me so I can share them with all of you. It's comforting to know that others are fighting for what they aspire to do. No matter the journey life takes you, never give up what's in your heart. You have to keep on rocking, and dream big...

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