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Dream Big 39

The wind blows warmer air into spring. I embrace this with open arms. And this is the beginning of what's to come. My dreams have carried me to distant horizons where the sun meets the sky. A kiss from the heavens makes it blush. I don't shy from life's affections. And find it to be more of a tease. I lay awake with the anticipation of dawn, only to fall under the seduction of night. Why does the breath of darkness taste so sweet? And the moon is so intoxicating. On a black satin sky the stars are tempting me. I want to ride on the tail of a comet to catch one. If I can only hold on to my wish for a moment. And then I can live a lifetime of my dreams. When I awaken from the journey that seems to linger on I wait. It doesn't feel real as if it never happened. Until I reach into my pocket. And in my hand a tiny grain of bright light rests in my palm. It wasn't a simple memory from my slumber. The night was real. But did my wish come true? I will only know from days yet to come. And my eyes are open. The sun has kissed the sky once more. I have embraced my destiny. A new chance for dreams to blossom. And hold on to my tiny wish that shines brightly...

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