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Dream Big 32 (Special Edition) The True Beauty of Women

A woman in love is a beautiful creature. She's radiant, delightful, charismatic, and nothing can stop her. Break her heart, and her world falls apart. As women we know the challenges that we face everyday. It's not easy being a female, it's even harder when we have to work in a mans world. We don't struggle to be equals anymore, but sometimes the struggle carries to other areas. Self-image is by far the most difficult for women to adapt to. As humans we are biologically programmed to see what is aesthetically pleasing. An equal proportionate face, and equally proportionate hips are what draws the eyes. Society tells us what is biologically correct, and therein lies the problem. Women are in a constant battle with themselves to look, and feel the best they possibly can. What is seen as beautiful by one person, is completely different from someone else. But how we see ourselves is not only a simple glance in the mirror, as what we are taught to be beautiful. Movies, television, magazines, and the internet are constantly depicting what the modern woman should look like. But, what does the modern woman really look like? Is she tall, short, thin, athletic, boyish, curvy, or robust? The truth is women come in all shapes and sizes. From the height, to bust size, to waist size, and to the hips, a woman has a beauty all her own. So why the harsh spotlight that is shined on women to be perfect? No one is perfect. Everyone has one flaw, or another that they see in the mirror. The women who live at the gym, or the ones who live in their refrigerator, no one, no matter their station in life all have self-image issues. Perhaps in the end that's biologically programmed too, because no matter how hard a women tries to be perfect she always finds that one part of her body that she hates about herself. There is no perfection pill we can take, no magic wand to wave, or the ability to wiggle our noses to make ourselves perfect in someone else's eyes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and our reflection is how we truly see ourselves. Although true beauty comes from within, the only way we can see that is to let it out. Inner beauty is the rarest kind there is. Not everyone has it, no matter how perfect someone is on the outside, they may not be that way on the inside. In actuality, real beautiful women are a rare species indeed, because their true selves are locked inside just waiting to break out. A woman in love is a beautiful creature indeed, because it allows for her inner beauty to escape. Her love doesn't have to be for another person, it could be a simple love of life itself. Unfortunately, our society may never understand what true beauty really is, and that special glow that only a woman can have, will forever remain the real beauty secret.

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