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Dream Big 29

I am reminded by every passing achievement why I continue to write this column. To put it more clearly, why I write it still. The answer, is integrity. It is not at all to boast about how many publications I've been in, or even how many articles I've had published. What began as my diary of sorts has led me to sharing more of how I got there, and how much it hurt in the process. There is absolutely nothing in this world that is easy to obtain. No one is just handed the winning lottery ticket and lives the all American dream. We have to work for it, no matter where we're from, what we do, or who we are. We all sing for our supper and in the end, pay the piper. But, no matter what leads us from point A to point C, it still ends at D. It's sad really, to think that we struggle to survive, almost like ants in a colony. We work mindlessly, following the herd of work, home, sleep, wake, and work again. This monotony is fine for some who believe that this is their only calling, for others it's a way of life, but for some of those they will never be content to be simply workers, they want to be in charge of their own life cycle. I, in fact, am that little worker ant that's not quite satisfied with the regular work to live cycle. I want more. I want to break the wheel. Sometimes, we want to live through others. We watch in the distance how they achieve greatness, we rejoice when they're happy, and we empathize when they're sad. Of course not all of us share in simply watching others achieve their goals, we want to share similar goals in order to become equals. It is then we want to learn how they did it and where they came from. Are they normal every-day human beings like the rest of us? Do they come from humble beginnings? And what did it take for them to get where they are today? These are all the questions we ask when we share similar goals to those we idolize. The answer is inspiration. Which brings us to the conclusion that if they can do it, then so can we. There are so many people that have inspired me. It doesn't matter to me where they came from, but how they got there. I want to know what drove them, what inspired them to chase after their dreams. I recently was inspired by a lady who contacted me and shared her story. She lacked self-confidence due to personal body image, and said I helped her feel better about herself, because of what I have achieved as a model. It made me feel wonderful, and it was by far the best compliment I'd ever received. It was the most wonderful feeling knowing that I had inspired her. But it is she that has become the muse. Now that I have shared many of my goals, my achievements, and even my losses, I want to give back. I'm going to take my Dream Big column to the next level. Over the next few weeks I'll be talking about who else has inspired me. I'll even begin a series of special interviews of those who have inspired me, and those who would like to share their stories of achievements. No matter how big or small the truest goals are by those that carry the dreams. I will continue to write about my own goals and achievements, or share some of the works I've written in the past. Most importantly I will continue to write about my dreams, no matter what they are. Share your stories with me, and together we'll dream big.


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