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Dream Big 142 Farewell To Thee, 2019...

December 30, 2019

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Dream Big 138 Special Edition (Book Title/Cover Reveal)

July 22, 2019


It has been almost nine years since I wrote my very first novel. I spent well over eight years trying to get it published. I have over a hundred rejection letters, that I have saved. I had grown used to those rejections, that I had expected them. I had people to tell me to give up, to write something else and move on. Even when I had wanted to cry; I had no more tears to fall on my pillow at night. I had wanted to give up so many times. I almost did several times in fact, but I could never bring myself to quit. There was something deep down inside of me; a little voice that told me not to. 


I am so glad that I had listened...


Now it has officially been almost nine years since I wrote my first novel, and I am here to say that I am glad; no—that I am eternally grateful to all the powers in Valhalla that I have never given up. It is going to happen! It is going to finally happen! My debut fantasy novel is being published by Seventh Star Press and released on September 3, 2019! Yes, I know that I have either rambled on about this in previous columns, or on social media but I am excited beyond words that this long standing dream of mine, is about to become true. 


And I am proud to share the next step of my publishing journey with you...


It has been several months since I signed my book contract with Seventh Star Press. In that time I have been planning what I have been dreaming about since even before I wrote it. I feel like a little girl who all she ever dreamt about was the fairytale wedding that she was going to have when she grew up. I am not that girl, but I am the one who wanted to write the story. That one fantasy story we all grew up with, whether it was the Lord of the Rings, or the NeverEnding Story. Everybody had that one special story that they couldn’t stop reading, or get enough of. 


I am that girl that has written such a story...


Most authors would say that they would hope they had told a great story that everyone will love. Deep down as most writers may feel insecure and that may not happen. I have a different outlook on this, and how I feel about my own work. I wrote this story based on all the things that I loved about every fantasy novel that I have ever read. I whole-heartedly added things that I enjoy reading as an adult. I then decided to take those two elements and blend them together. Of course I didn’t do this alone, I had my children for inspiration too. 


At first anyway...


What once began as a children’s fantasy story, ended up a fantasy for adults who were still young at heart. There is something for everyone, and if you think back to what you enjoyed reading in a fantasy novel as a kid; I think you may find what you are looking for in my story. Over the years of rewriting, edits, and more rewriting I have never grown tired of what I had written. I still laughed and I still cried, at the scenes that were appropriate for such show of emotions. Sometimes I would read it and think— wow I really wrote this; even after all of those times of reading it over and over, through all of the edits, and the rewrites. 


I never once got tired of reading it...


My wonderful editor Holly says that writing is the fun part. I completely agree and I have had the best time in writing it. As she also said, it is the work after it’s written is when the real hard work comes in, that it takes a village to make it happen. As I have watched the process come together I can honestly say that the Universe stepped in to lend a celestial hand in this as well. First and foremost the Universe blessed me and brought me together with my awesome publisher Stephen Zimmer, and editor Holly Marie Phillippe. I could not be writing this column about my book being published without them. Thank you both for believing in my story. I am beyond grateful that you have helped my dream become a reality.


I would now like to introduce the village that it has taken to get this book published, before I reveal the cover art to you all...


There are those individuals who have stood by me in the beginning since I wrote this so many years ago. Family, friends, and other writers who kept me going over the years who would never let me quit. Though there are too many to include, thank you for believing in me, and my words. 


You should know who you are... 


I would also like to give thanks to those who have put in many hours and days of work on the book, and the side-projects pertaining to the book, to bring this story to life. First I want to thank my publisher and editor Stephen zimmer, and Holly Marie Phillippe for adopting my book baby as one of their own, and the many days and hours of editing, and all the other publishing magick that they do. Thank you to Les Murphy, who helped me to get my ideas in order for what I had envisioned to happen. He also drew the original concept art based on the incredible talents of Ashley Burt, owner of The Mystic Orb who created the life-size amulet from my story. Next I want to thank all of the amazing individuals who are going to help me celebrate by performing at the Book Release Party in September: Gage and Ashley Sharp, Buford Watson, Chris Rogers, Danny Whitson, Doug McCaughan, Ivy Aphrodyte, Jennifer Brantley Ferris, Lance Adams, Michael Bates, Raven Von Roe, Clockwork Asylum, and last but not least the infamous Kris Bell, the host of the show and who helped bring everyone together to make this celebration happen. And I want to give a very special thank you to Randy Humphrey, of Clockwork Asylum who designed the poster for the event, and who created the cover art for the book. Thank you all so much ! I couldn’t have done it without the entire ‘realm’ of wonderful people to help bring my fantasy world to life. 



I suppose you guys wanna see the awesome cover art don’t you?...


Without further ado, and the excited ramblings of a soon-to-be published author, here is the title and cover art for my debut novel...and the link for the first Amazon preorders...



























Preorder The Amulet Of Elements here:





I can not thank you all again, family, friends, my publisher/editor, and everyone who has worked so hard in helping me achieve this dream. I am eternally grateful...



I have strived so hard to make my dreams come true. Worked hard to help others realize their dreams. Supported and promoted others in keeping their dreams alive. Although, the one thing that has brought me the greatest joy, is in inspiring others to never give up, and to always dream big...









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