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June 24, 2019



Everyone has experienced a first in life. A first smile, first steps, first tooth, first kiss, first love, and even the first heartbreak. Sure, all of these things we all have experienced in life, but some firsts not everyone has or say they have had as a first. The first time you knew you liked the same sex, or the first time you knew that being a girl in a boys body didn’t feel right, (or vice versa) or the first time that you just knew that you were different, and not like everyone else.

Those firsts are not only confusing, but hard to explain to family or loved ones, and most likely even more so in admitting it to yourself. 


The first time that I realized that I liked boys was weird for me because the boys I grew up with were always mean to me. Being teased or bullied by anyone is wrong on so many levels, but it’s even more so wrong when those boys take it to a new level. I blossomed at