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Dream Big 116

Fall break is upon us, and my kids are out of school, but somehow I manage to keep them occupied. Although, they maybe entertained for the time being I struggle with having some peace and quiet. As a creative individual I find it challenging to say the least when it comes to having time to get anything done; I am used to them being at school for most of the day. It has taken me a few hours to come up with something to write about, and honestly I am still unsure of an actual topic. I haven’t done anything remotely exciting since the last Dream Big Column, and I don’t have anything exciting planned, or happening any time soon. To be honest I have only been a recluse; I have been literally stuck at home, and on social media probably more than I should be. Granted I have been walking everyday, and working out; I think that counts. As far as Dream Big the series goes; we just released a new episode last week, and with four more episode remaining until Season 3 comes to a close. I am always looking for new guests, and currently making a tentative list for season 4. The new season will be a theme of sorts, and I am hoping to make it all about our local community. One thing is for certain, our focus will always be inspirational stories, and incredible people who are chasing their dreams. One thing I would like to ask everyone out there who are part of the Dream Big family is to please share the videos so our guests can get as much exposure as possible. If you are in the entertainment industry, an artist, or even just an enthusiast who enjoys all the above, please pay it forward, and help us to promote the show. You never know when someone is out there scouting for new talent, so if we keep spreading the word about our guests then they have an even greater chance of being discovered. I want to thank all of you who have already helped to spread the word about the show, liked our Dream Big Facebook page, and have subscribed to the YouTube Channel; we couldn’t have gotten as far as we have without you. Thank you! No dream is too big, or too small. It doesn’t matter what your heart desires; be it a personal goal, or a passion to help others. Do whatever it takes to bring happiness to your life, and always dream big.

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