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Dream Big 102 (Dream Big S3 E3 Fanboy Expo 2017 Special)

In my latest column I talked about the three lessons I learned during my time at the Fanboy Expo last weekend. Today, I am sharing all the fun footage at that expo!

When I sat down at the table with my producer of Fanboy Productions, Will Allman, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. The venue was packed with other venders, and the celebrities were making their way to their booths. I couldn't help myself, but be in complete awe of it all, the hectic sounds from everyone getting ready for the crowds before they make their way in, and the aromas of popcorn, and coffee filled the room; it was almost magical. I was eager with anticipation for it all to begin.

By the end of the weekend I had met so many individuals who were there to make a difference in other people lives, like those who helped with the process of children's adoptions, or the gamers who helped children in the hospitals, and the ladies who helped pull all of their resources in order to help others with their charities. I also was able to chat with a few of the cosplayers about their costumes, and a few of the celebrities that were there. I asked all of them only one question, and to me it was the most important question that we ask ourselves from time to time. Find out what I asked them, and more when you watch this special edition of Dream Big!

It may not all be costumes and fun, but a time to connect with others who are dreamers like you. Believe in each other, and always dream big.

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