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Dream Big 71

Monday morning:

The cats are curled up in a giant mass of a fur-ball, the brisk chill in the bedroom keeps them huddled together. I'm sitting up at the head of my bed in my pajamas and the jacket I usually go walking to keep warm. I only added an extra blanket last night when I changed the bed linens, but I have yet to pull the heater fans down from my attic. I try to save as much energy as I possibly can in between seasons, especially when it's not hot enough for fans and not cold enough yet for heaters. If it's not running I'm not paying for it. Although it is really pushing the cold enough for heaters season. I'm not ready for cold winters weather' you can't make me! Nonetheless I will have to come to the stage where I'll need to make sure my kids are warm. I made sure to add another blanket to their beds as well once their clean linens were changed too. Winter here we come.

The cats are sleeping soundly, they are really making me want to curl up with them and take a nap. Alas I'm not permitted to take naps. My work schedule won't allow for it. As I am right now writing my column; which technically I should have already had written before now. But didn't I mention a busy schedule? I am constantly on the go without a doubt. Go take kids to school, go to walk, go to work, go to pick them up, go to the store, go, go, and go again. It's life yes, but no one ever said it was go-ing to be easy. See what I did there? In all it's craziness there is a shining light as the end of it all. Hard work pays off. And even though I'm just now getting a chance to write this column at the last minute before crunch time, I'm doing it. The ability for me to write this column has its own rewards no matter the tardiness of it, but just being able to write it is enough for me. Whether anyone reads it or not; I look to the blessings that I am able to write it, and that I am grateful for no disabilities to prevent it. Sometimes it's the little things that we take for granted.

My tea is steeping in the kitchen on the counter. I believe it should be ready for me to partake in the rich aromas of pumpkin spice black tea, with the super charged green tea that accompanies it. I love to pair green tea with other kinds rich in flavor because it literally blends with any of them. It's like cooking with a bland meat that assumes whatever seasoning or cooking liquids you marinate it in. Please pardon me for a moment while I collect my mug...

I passed by the thermostat on the wall on the way to retrieve my morning tea, and I noticed it was 63 degrees just in my bedroom. I didn't bother to look at the thermostat on the dining room wall on the way to the kitchen. I just assumed it would be closely the same as my room tends to be slightly cooler. Now that I have a nice warm mug of tea to sup from perhaps I'll warm up a little before my photo shoot this morning. Yes, I know I said I was taking a break from modeling, perhaps if I clarified the fact that I wouldn't be pushing a career in modeling that I really meant to say. To be honest I'm too short, too tattooed, and too fat to be a professional model. The kind where I'd walk a runway, or do print adds, model apparel for that really expensive undergarment store who's models are obviously doped up on that drink that gives you wings. The loose feathers are flying everywhere!

My photo shoot this morning I'm ill prepared for. Perhaps when my photographer reads this he'll have a good laugh when I pop up in my pajamas at the door to let him in. I have a general idea of what I'll be doing today for my "theme shoot", but I'm still not exactly prepared for it. I still have no makeup on and my hair is a mess. But the show must go on. And speaking of shows there's a brand new episode that is airing next Monday on my YouTube Channel. The first person who mentions on the Dream Big Page about next weeks show I'll post a behind the scenes video, but you have to post a message on the page to get me to do it. Until then if you're not a subscriber you probably should get on it, because you'll be the first ones to receive an email that the video is live and are able to watch it before many even see it posted here on my website. Yes I just did a plug in on my Dream Big Column about my Dream Big Show. I have no shame. Lol.

I feel as though I've written the most generic piece in comparison to last weeks work. But I am my own worst critic. Which isn't the worst thing you'd think there would be is to criticize your own work, but it's not the best thing ever. You can actually cause harm that you may not even know it exists. If you start critiquing your work too much in a negative way you risk the chance in not only second guessing yourself, but you can also cause yourself to get in your head that your work just isn't good enough. Well snap out of it! You can be a grammar Nazi all you want, but don't throw your work in the fire over what you think isn't good enough. We all have a story to tell, it's not how you choose to tell it, it's how you execute it by making sure what you write is grammatically written correctly. But this holds true even if you aren't a writer, and you can apply it to all aspects of your life. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing it right the first time.

The time has come when I've run out of it and it's time to post today's column before I get ready for my photo shoot. I must leave you now, but know this...

We all have a busy lifestyle, but don't let it pass you by. Live well, and always dream big.

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