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Dream Big 57 My Interview with Filmmaker and Director Extraordinaire's Will Allman, and Brandon

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing, not one, but two of the greatest filmmakers in Knoxville, Will Allman, and Brandon Shelton. In case you may not already know, Will Allman is the director, and producer of Dream Big, and without him my show would not go on. He is also a very talented writer, filmmaker, and director of his new movie, Something's In The Woods, which is coming out soon. I have a very small part in the film, which is quite exciting, you won't want to miss it. And I also had the pleasure of working with Brandon Shelton on a new project recently, and if you'd like to find out more about his latest film watch the video below.

In a world full of make-believe, it is film and television that brings it to life. Whether you've written the script, or are playing a role, you must follow the directors vision. Let your imagination be your guide, and always Dream Big.

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