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Dream Big 45 (Special YouTube Edition) One On One With Rose

"Hello, I'm Rose Marie Machario, and welcome to Dream Big!"

Today is the second installment of my video series for the Dream Big YouTube Channel. Although today I don't have an interview per say, but it is a little different. Last week I wrote about my dreams and how they came to be, so in today's video I touch base with a lot from that column. I know seeing is believing, and I know not everyone are readers or have time to read; therefore was born my Dream Big Channel. Writing is still a huge part of the stories, and interviews I share, but I like taking a step further by showing as well as telling. And taking things above and beyond is what I do. I'm always try to go the distance no matter how far it seems to be, but my journey I am sharing with the world, and I hope that one day the world will share their dreams with me.

Live life to the beat of your heart, never lose who you are, and dream big...

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